At this point, I would assume most modern music fans have at least heard of Blackpink. They have been one of the biggest Korean music acts for several years now; they have been one of the biggest non-American music acts for many years. Blackpink has been out of the most important music acts to come out of the 2010s; along with BTS, they have helped turn K-Pop into a worldwide phenomenon. Their 2022 album Born Pink(check out my review of it after reading this and see how much I enjoyed that record) was the first album to reach the top of the Billboard 200 list by a girl group since 2008. The music video for their song 2022 ‘Pink Venom’ garnered over 90 million views in 24 hours, the most for any female artist ever. Out of all the members of Blackpink, I feel like Jisoo has always been the most overlooked as far as their music goes. Jennie has always been lauded for her versatility in her singing and rapping, Rosé has always been praised for her vocal range and pitch, and Lisa has always been admired for her supreme singing and rapping abilities. I have always really enjoyed Jisoo’s voice, though; she has such a rich and luscious tone that truly stands out. Jisoo is excellent at harmonizing, and the stable nature of the way she sings is the glue that has always seemed like the glue that holds the group together and helps them shine so well. Up until this point, Jisoo is the only member of Blackpink not to release solo music. Jennie released her first single in 2018, while Rosé and Lisa both came out with single albums in 2021. Although Jisoo has been slept on regarding her music, she has been very successful in other ventures. She was a star of the popular K-Drama show Snowdrop. Jisoo has also been a global ambassador for the brands Dior and Cartier for years. Jisoo’s first single album, titled ME, is finally here after a long wait. Below is how I feel about the two songs in this single album. Please let me know in the comments which of these two songs is your favorite, and let me know how you feel about ME as a whole.

‘Flower’ is the lead track from Jisoo’s single album ME. This is the only song of the two that got a music video(so far), and it is the song that has a viral dance to go with it. ‘Flower’ is an aptly named song, because this track has a sweet and dainty sound to it. The song is driven by melancholy-sounding synths that have a bit of a Pop-House feeling. At times, the melody has a more full sound that is provided by intricate keyboard playing which complements the original synths. The beat for this song is very low-key, as it is mainly compromised of a light bass drum and soft Hi-Hats. In ‘Flower,’ Jisoo sings with a delicate tone that goes well with the instrumental. She shows off her range at the end of the song, hitting high notes that add so much emotion to the song. ‘Flower’ is about Jisoo getting over a failed relationship, and calling out her former partner for not being able to keep her satisfied. The music video for ‘Flower’ reflects the sound of the song. Throughout the video, Jisoo’s outfits and sets change from being sad and dark to fierce and light. It shows Jisoo going through the stages of grief and coming out better on the other side. The second track on ME, which is called ‘All Eyes On Me,’ has a lot more of an upbeat and happy sound than the song that precedes it. ‘All Eyes On Me’ is also a song that is driven by synths that have a House music feeling to them. The synths on this track have a lot more of a Tropical feeling to them. The way the synths are mixed on this track makes me think of Kygo or Cheat Codes. There are also elements of the mix that are reminiscent of DJ Snake’s biggest hits. This track has pronounced Pop-House drums that would be perfect to play in a club; it has the kind of beat that makes me want to dance when I hear it. Jisoo sings with a deeper tone on this track; the power that she signs with sounds good on this high-energy track. Jisoo does still show off her range during some sections of the song, helping to give the song so much life On ‘All Eyes On Me,’ Jisoo is imploring her significant other to look into her heart to find out what she truly needs. 

On Jisoo’s first single album, ME, she shows off two different sides of her as a singer and artist. The first of the two tracks, ‘Flower,’  has a pensive and mellow sound and tone. Jisoo shows off her soft and serious side. The second of these tracks, ‘All Eyes On Me,’ shows off her cheerful and playful side. If I had to choose one of the two as my favorite, I would pick ‘All Eyes On Me.’ I just love how joyful this song is; it puts me in a good mood and makes me want to dance the night away when I hear it. Both of these tracks are great in their own way, though. They both indicate that Jisoo is a complex artist and that there are many different sides to her as a person. With ME, Jisoo proves that she could be an excellent solo artist if she wanted to be. If Blackpink ever stops making music together one day, Jisoo will definitely be an awesome K-Pop star in her own right.


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