One thing that I used to do frequently on this blog is share singles from up-and-coming artists that I enjoy. This is something I would love to get back into, as when I started this blog one of my goals was to share music from artists who need more exposure. The artist that I want to highlight today is Milwaukee’s own Cardiac Da Pulse, who is a Hip Hop artist and the CEO of Red Division Music. Cardiac Da Pulse is a veteran of the Milwaukee music industry, and he has always stood out. His flow and voice are easily recognizable. He has a gruff and impactful sounding voice that provides a lot of variance to any song he is on. He will switch between higher and low pitches between songs depending on the style of instrumental, providing the correct level of intensity each time. Even though he can sound harsh and tough in some of his tracks, his flow is always so smooth that his songs are always easy to vibe along to. Cardiac Da Pulse stands out on every track, and he is someone to keep on your radar if you love Hip Hop.

Cardiac Da Pulse has a new track out called ‘Caught Up’  which features Class M and is produced by Dreamlife. It is the lead single from his upcoming project Blue Roses, which is slated for an August release. This song has such a sultry sound that I know fans of 2000s R&B and Hip Hop will love. The instrumental is so silky and sensual; it honestly feels like the perfect track to listen to late at night with your significant other. The melody and beat remind me of some of the best music from 2000s Melodic Hip Hop stars like Fabolous and Cassidy. Cardiac Da Pulse comes in with a lower-pitched and raspy vocal tone that provides a perfect contrast to the style of instrumental. Even though his voice has a hoarse quality, his flow is so smooth; his flow rides the beat as well as he possibly could. Class M, comes in with the sweet vocals on the chorus which provide a nice balance to the song. Class M. gives the song so much texture with his chorus. ‘Caught Up’ is a song with retro quality that I feel like Hip Hop heads will really appreciate. If you like retro melodic Hip Hop music, it is a song you need to download as soon as possible.


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