Anyone who knows me personally should know about my love for 2 Chainz and his music. I have been a massive fan of his for such a long time. I first got into him as a part of the Duffel Bag Boys before his name change in the early 2010s. Since his name change, 2 Chainz has been a staple in Trap music. He has contributed to so many of the best songs in the Trap music era with his features, and he has had many solo records do huge numbers as well. There is no one like 2 Chainz; he has a style of rapping that is completely his own, and his voice is instantly recognizable. Over the last couple of years, 2 Chainz has seemingly taken the Gucci Mane approach to making albums. He puts out as much music as he can, chasing the next massive hit. Because of this, his last few records have felt more like compilation mixtapes rather than cohesive albums. All of his projects have great songs on them, but sometimes the projects as a whole feel like a collection of potential singles with little relation to each other. This is the case with his latest record, Dope Don’t Sell Itself. Because of that, I can’t review it. I do have some songs I enjoy thoroughly from the album, though. So with that being said, here are my favorite songs from 2 Chainz Dope Don’t Sell Itself. Please let me know in the comments below how you feel about this album and also leave comments on what your favorite songs are from the project.


One thing that 2 Chainz has always been great at doing is merging his signature old-school gritty Trap sound with the styles of today’s artists. ‘Outstanding,’ which features Roddy Ricch, is the first great example of this from the new record. The melody of this song does have a Pop-Trap element that is great for Roddy Ricch, but the overall energy of the song has a dark and harsh feeling to it that is reminiscent of 2 Chainz older music. The instrumental brings out the best in both artists, and they both flow so naturally and cleanly in their verses. 2 Chainz and Roddy Ricch complement each other super well because of how their vocal styles contrast and ‘Outstanding’ is a great example of this.


‘Million Dollars Worth of Game’ with 42 Dugg is quickly becoming a fan favorite from this record. First off, the instrumental on this song goes crazy. The melody sort of sounds like the kind of music that is played by snake charmers in Egypt and India. It is extremely unique and cool. This melody has an extra high-pitched and distorted that makes it unlike any other instrumentals I have heard recently. The beat has a fast-paced Trap music sound that makes it sound like strip club music. This is the kind of song that will get the dance floor bumping at a club. 42 Dugg has a guttural and gruff nature to the way he raps, and it brings out the harsher and darker side of 2 Chainz. They bring out the best in each other. ‘Million Dollars Worth of Game’ is a Club-style Trap banger that is very fun and special.


Youngboy NeverBrokeAgain is an artist I have never really given a chance to. I think after listening to ‘10 Bracelets,’ though, I have to check him out. He has an interesting and fun take on melodic Trap music I know I need to hear more of. ‘10 Bracelets’ has the most ‘Pop Trap’ feeling out of everything on this record. It has a bubbly and bright melody driven by these fun synths. The melody and overall sound of the song had an old-school video game quality. Like I alluded to before, the highlight of this song was Youngboy. 2 Chainz did his thing and did sound well, but Youngboy brings an energy that takes the song to another level. ‘10 Bracelets’ is a good introduction to him, and it will make me explore Youngboy’s solo music in the future.


At this point, I feel like I never know what to expect from Lil Durk. He has become one of the most diverse artists making Trap music today. When I first saw this feature, I expected it would entail 2 Chainz adapting to a Chicago Drill type of instrumental since that is what Durk is originally known for. But Durk has proven over the last couple of years he can make any kind of Trap or Trap R&B music, and this song veers away from his signature Drill sound once again. In fact, this song has a Pop-tinted Trap R&B sound that I would not expect from either 2 Chainz or Lil Durk. This sound which is so different from what they are known for works so well for them, though. On ‘Lost Kings,’ Sleepy Rose provides sweet vocals for the chorus, with 2 Chainz and Lil Durk both flowing perfectly over this sweet melody. I like the vocal performances from both rappers as it shows a side of them we normally don’t get to hear. Even though ‘Lost Kings’ isn’t what one would expect from this combination of artists, it is a banger in its own right.


When Swae Lee is listed as a feature on a song, one can assume at this point it will have a smooth and Sweet R&B Trap sound that mellows the mood. He has carved out his lane with this kind of music over the last couple of years. ‘Caymans’ is a song that fits this mold perfectly. This track has an old-school R&B and Soul feel to it that brings out a smooth and laid-back attitude from 2 Chainz and Swae Lee. Swae rides this old-school Soul sound very well; his voice fits so well onto this kind of instrumental. I would love to hear him make a full album of R&B music in the future. And even though this kind of song isn’t what 2 Chainz is known for, he adapts to it in a cool way. He uses a subdued and calm rapping style while keeping his signature flair, and I like how it supplements Swae Lee.


When a song has Jacquees included in it, one can assume the song is going to be sultry and sexy. Jacquees name has become synonymous with intimate and seductive R&B music. When one thinks of him, they think of music fit for playing in the bedroom. On ‘If You Want Me To,’ Jacquees brings his signature style and 2 Chainz adapts it perfectly. 2 Chainz states in the song “I can get nasty if you want me to,’ and I believe him from the way he expresses himself in this song. ‘If You Want Me To’ is a song meant for intimate moments. It is not one that I will be playing casually with friends. The song still has a ton of quality for what it is, though. 2 Chainz flows super well on this beat, and Jacquees vocals are nice as ever. This track is exactly what it should be in the best way.


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