OH SNAP! Here comes ya boi back at you with another one of my oh-so-popular lists. Today I have decided to talk about some of my early to mid-2000s rap songs that I still listen to a lot; in an era where hip hop music is totally reigning supreme, I feel like we need to pay homage to the legends helped to make hip hop music as popular as it is today. Once again, these are not necessarily all of my favorites, and this list is not in any particular order; I will that I definitely still listen to every song on this list quite a bit. What are some of your favorite rap songs from this era? Let me know in the comments below!


Dip, Dip, Dip, Dipset!! Dip, Dip, Dip, Dipset!!

I just love this legendary track by this iconic NYC group. Jim Jones, Cam’ron, and Juelz Santana dominated much of the early half of the 2000s, all releasing very popular solo music as well as super dope music as a trio under the names Dipset and The Diplomats. ‘Crunk Muzik’ is one of their biggest hits as a group. This song has such an unapologetically New York City vibe and sound; everything from the almost militant beat and heavy horns on the instrumental to the very concise and to the point way the verses is rapped just oozed NYC. This song really embodies what New York hip hop is about.



Beautiful, I just want you to know you’re my favorite girl!

This awesome cut has such a West Coast beach vibe, and it is so groovy. I heard someone say that this is the light skin anthem, and y’all light skins should embrace that sentiment instead of fighting it; who wouldn’t want this funky track to be their theme song. Snoop Dogg has one of the most incredibly smooth flows on this song, and it is so tough not to dance when it comes on because of this. Then when you throw in that sweet and pretty high pitched hook that Pharrell gives us, the funk oozes out of the track in such a palpable way. If you somehow do not know this song or do not remember it, do yourself a favor and click on the link. It will no doubt put you in a good mood, my friend.



Rob the jewelry store and go make me a grill

This instrumental is so damn hard and dirty in the best way. I always feel like i should take a shower after listening to this one because of how damn grimey and awesome this instrumental is. Like the next three artists, I probably could have picked multiple Nelly songs to put on this list, because I still listen to quite a few of his old smash hits. It would be pretty tough for me to pick a song by Nelly that I like more than ‘Grillz,’ though. One of those reasons is my obsession and fascination with grillz. If I ever come into a ton of money, that is the piece of jewelry I would purchase for sure. Also, Nelly’s and Paul Wall’s flows on this one are just as dirty and infectious as the instrumental. It is just an all-around great track.



You n****as never harming young. Fly Weezy, my opponents’ done, I’m done talking. And I ain’t just begun, I’ve been running my city like Diddy, you chump.

Any of y’all reading this who know me well should definitely know my opinion on Lil Wayne. ‘Go DJ’ was one of Weezy’s first major hits in a legendary career that has made him the GOAT of rap. This song also has a super grimey and icky dirty south beat that I love; the synthy bass-driven horns on this instrumental are just so great. Lil Wayne’s flow on this song is so strong and smooth that it was easy that he was going to be a superstar even though he was so young. ‘Go DJ’ will always be a top Weezy song for me, because it is one of the songs that introduced me to him.



I really like what you’ve done to me. I can’t really explain it, I’m so into you.

This track was actually originally a beautiful R&B track by Tamia, but it really took off when Fabolous made this rap version. ‘Into You’ is definitely one of the best of many lovey-dovey R&B driven rap songs from this era; it is just one of the smoothest and cleanest rap songs that you will ever hear. The sentiment of the song is very nice and sweet as well. Fabolous goes on about how much he loves his woman and what he will do for her in a very lovely and poetic way. If you want to hear a rap song that is just so damn cute and sweet, look no further than this one right here.



Girl shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy. Girl shake that Laffy Taffy, that Laffy taffy.

This iconic track from D4L is one of the main songs that is thought about when people remember the style of rap called “snap” music. This style of music is noticeable by the 123 style basic beat that all of these songs have, and the snapping dance that goes with it. Laffy Taffy is such a silly and great track that is definitely one of the predecessors to trap music; it is easy to hear from the monotonous and infectious tone of this song how it inspired trap. Fabo’s awesome singing is such a highlight of this joint. What a classic.



Look at them hips, I love how she rock it. She whip that thing up, and to the ground she can drop it…

The last song I have on this list is this awesome cut by the totally underrated Crime Mob. This song is so hard and southern and dirty; this has seemed to be a trend with my selections for this list. Crime Mob also had two of the most underrated female rappers of all time; Diamond and Precious have dropped so many insane verses that have gotten looked over just as the Crime Mob has as a whole. This such a great party track; if you play it at the function, I guarantee you will get those ladies shaking their asses. Don’t believe me? Just try it and see what happens, I dare you.



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