Are there any music artists who have had a few singles over the years that you enjoy a lot, but for one reason or another you never checked them out more than on just the surface level? Snakehips is one of those artists for me. Every time I’ve heard something from them over the last several years, I have enjoyed it; I’ve always meant to look into their music more, but just never did. Snakehips is an Electronic music duo that first burst onto the scene in the early 2010s when a few of their remixes of popular Pop and EDM tracks started to gain traction in online underground Dance music communities. Snakehips released their official first single, ‘On and On’ featuring George Maple, in 2013. They followed this up in 2014 with another single featuring Sinead Harnett called ‘Days With You.’ Snakehips released an EP called Forever, Pt. 2 in 2015. This EP contained their first major hit, called ‘All My Friends’, and features Tinashe and Chance The Rapper(this song was my first exposure to Snakehips and is a track that I still frequently come back to). Over the next several years, they released a plethora of singles, with quite a few of them seeing worldwide success. 2016’s ‘Cruel’ featuring Zayn, 2017’s ‘Either Way’ featuring Anne-Marie and Joey Bada$$, and 2021’s ‘Run It Up’ featuring Earthgang, are all songs that had a considerable amount of international mainstream EDM notoriety. Snakehips has finally recently released their debut album called never worry. This record is not the most riveting, original, or innovative sounding Dance music album I have heard, but it does have quite a bit of quality tracks that I like. Listed below are a bunch of my favorite songs from Snakehips’ new album never worry. Please let me know in the comments below what your favorite songs are from never worry and let me know in the comments how you feel about the project as a whole.


‘Sometimes,’ with Daya and Earthgang, is the first track on the album; this is fitting because it has the energy of the beginning of a night out on the town. This song is pretty upbeat and danceable, but it is not too intense or crazy. It gets the party started out on a light and breezy note. The melody, which is provided by deep synths, has a funky and cool tone to it. It has a bit of a futuristic feeling to it, with some of the sound effects having an otherworldly tone to them. The beat has a downtempo House music sound that goes so well with the funky feeling of the melody. Daya’s vocal performance on the song is nice and pleasant, but the thing that stands out the most about this song is the performance from Johnny Venus of Earthgang. His gritty and gruff vocals contrast the breezy and soft vocal delivery that Daya brings, and his off-kilter flow fits perfectly on this kind of groovy Dance beat. ‘Sometimes’ is the perfect song to get a party started with as it is a fun track that sets the mood for a night well. 


‘Deal With It’ is another song from this album that i love which has an otherworldly Future-House theme to it. This track has a bit darker tone and style than the one that precedes it, but it definitely follows a similar musical theme. Whereas ‘Sometimes’ feels like a great song to get the night started with, ‘Deal With It’ sounds like the kind of track that would play when you are extremely lit on the dance floor during the peak of your night out. This song is driven by a groovy Synth bassline that will make anyone want to dance when they hear it. It has the kind of upbeat bassline and beat that are impossible to not move your feet and bop your head to. The melody of this song has a dark yet welcoming tone that sounds so nice when paired with this beat. The vocal performance by Kilo Kish on this track does not necessarily stand out, but it does fit the style of the song and keeps it fresh. ‘Deal With It’ is a hip Future-House banger that is the kind of song I would love to dance the night away to.


‘Pretty Girls’ is a song that fuses Future House music with the music that Snakehips originally go popular for. This song has an underlying feeling of Deep Downtempo House music provided by the fast beat and the gritty Synthesized Bass notes. It has a somewhat similar tempo and energy to the first two songs I picked for this list. The melody that rises above the beat has a vivid and funky tone that brings me back to the Funky Dance music by Snakehips that originally got me into them back in the day. This melody is driven by a saxophone and added to by various synths and sound effects that give it such a positive sound. I enjoy MadeinTYO’s performance on this track a lot. His rap flow during the verses gives the song so much life and vigor, and the calm way in which he sings the chorus fits the funky nature of the song. ‘Pretty Girls’ is a fun Future House track that has elements that will give nostalgia to the people who have been huge fans of Snakehips for a long time. 


‘Sumthin Crazy’ is a song that capitalizes on a trend that has been rising in Pop and Dance music that I truly love so much. I was always a huge fan of 90s Hi-NRG and Eurodance music, and this is a song that feeds right into the modern trend that is inspired by those sounds. This song is driven by a fast and distorted beat that will get anyone dancing when they hear it. ‘Sumthin Crazy’ has the kind of beat that immediately makes me want to party when I hear it. The melody for this track is provided by the plethora of otherworldly-sounding synths and sound effects that make the song feel like it’s from the 1990s and the future at the same time. One of my favorite things about this track is the vocal performance from Rochelle Jordan. Her vocals give the song so much life and fit the feeling of the instrumental so well. ‘Sumthin Crazy’ is a Hi-NRG banger that is just so fresh and fun. 


‘Solitude’ is another song that leans into the Hi-NRG trend in Dance music right now that I love so much. This song has a much different tone to the melody than the song that precedes it on this list, though. Whereas ‘Sumthin Crazy’ has a deep and funky theme to its melody, this track has a light and poppy tone to its sound. This melody is provided by a glittery, easy-going keyboard riff that is complemented by synths added to by lots of different cool sound effects. One of the main highlights of this track is the vocal performances from Bia and Lucky Daye. I love how the shimmering high-pitched vocals from Bia are contrasted by the gruff tone that Lucky Daye has. When I hear this track, it makes me think of the climax of a fun night.  ‘Solitude’ is a great Hi-NRG track that has such a shining and lively feeling that gives me joy when I hear it. 


‘Who’s Gonna Love You Tonight’ is the song that reintroduced me to Snakehips when it came out last year. It is fitting that another song with Tinashe is what brought me back to their music. This song is considerably calmer and slower than all of the other tracks I picked for this list. Whereas the other songs have more of a club or a party sound, this one has more of a kickback or afterparty feeling. The song is driven by a bright and warm melody that is very full and sounds like it is provided by a combination of an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and a piano, which are not only distorted and added to by all-encompassing Synth sounds. The beat for this song is pretty slow and calm; it fits the energy that the melody has very well. Tinashe’s vocals on this track are sweet and light and soothing to listen to. Her vocal performance is perfect for the sound this instrumental has. ‘Who’s Gonna Love You Tonight’ sounds like the happy end to a fun night, and it is a great way to end this record.


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