As I stated in my last post about DC The Don, Milwaukee has a lot more of a diverse and vibrant Hip Hop scene than it is given credit for. Even though most people mainly think of Drill music when they think of Milwaukee, there are a lot of Hip Hop artists from the city making music in other types of the genre. Like DC The Don, Another rising artist from Milwaukee who is on his own wave is partyat4. He is someone whose sound sticks out in the Milwaukee music scene in the best way. partyat4 is a new artist who appreciates classic Neo-R&B as well as modern Trap music(this is evident through his music). He incorporates elements from classic Alternative R&B music into modern Trap instrumentals. Although partyat4 has not been in the scene for very long, he is already making an immediate impact. partyat4 first started gaining traction in September of 2022 when he dropped his single ‘Red Bottoms.’ This song almost immediately went semi-viral, garnering a quickly growing following for partyat4 immediately. He followed this up by dropping a four-song EP called Wish You Were Here I’m November that capitalized on his momentum. partyat4 has released three new singles in 2023, as he is trying to continue to push himself forward and become even more popular. party@4 has a sound that can appeal to older R&B fans and younger ones, which is why he has a chance to be the next big thing.

As I previously mentioned, partyat4 has released three new singles in 2023. The first of which came out in January and is called ‘To Da Moon.’ This song is receiving a remix from R&B Trap star Toosi later this week(on May 12). ‘To Da Moon’ is a song that has an otherworldly sound that feels a bit futuristic. The song is driven by a hazy and atmospheric Synth-driven melody which is put over a banging Trap beat. I love how intricate the melody for this track is. All of the sound effects that are sprinkled into the background of this track make me feel like I am floating when I hear it. partyat4’s vocal delivery on this song is excellent. His flow and tone make me think of old Drake when I hear it. This delivery fits the instrumental so well, as it gives the song a warm and friendly element. ‘To Da Moon’ is a song that can attract modern R&B Trap fans with the instrumental and people who love early 2010s R&B and Hip Hop with the vocal performance. The second single that partyat4 dropped this year is called ‘CONCENTRATE.’ This song has a lot more of a retro feeling than the preceding track. The melody for this track makes me think of the R&B music that was big in the late 2000s and early 2010s. When I hear this melody, it brings me back to the music that Chris Brown and Omarion were making at that time. The beat for this song is a bit off-kilter and it is very cool. This beat sort of combines upbeat R&B Trap with Dancehall music; I have never heard a beat like this, and it is very engaging because it just hits in such an interesting way. I enjoy how partyat4 shows off a bit of his vocal range on this track while also demonstrating multiple flows. His tone fits the song so well and makes it so inviting, and the way he keeps changing up his flow keeps the listener on their toes. ‘CONCENTRATE’ is a unique track that is definitely for those fans of the R&B music that was big 10-15 years ago. ‘POS TO FEEL’ is a track that shows off a completely different side to partyat4 that one may not expect if they had only heard the other two songs that I have mentioned. In fact, if I was not literally listening to it on partyat4’s Spotify page, I may not have believed this track was by him because it is so different from his other stuff. This is a tough and grimy Trap banger that has an instrumental that brings it back to some of the underground Trap that has emerged out of Atlanta over the last ten years are so. When I heard this instrumental, I immediately thought of artists like Father or IDK. The track has a dystopian and unfamiliar melody, which is put over a distorted and grating Trap beat. On ‘POS TO FEEL,’ instead of singing or even sing-rapping, partyat4 is actually straight-up just rapping. His vocal delivery has a very low and harsh tone that fits the instrumental well; his flow on this song is quick and in your face, which is also perfect for this beat. I really do enjoy this track as it makes me think of some of the underground Trap music I have come to love so much over the last several years.

party@4 is an exciting and diverse Milwaukee artist that has the potential to make it very big. Not only does his music go against the grain of the Hip Hop that typically comes out of the Milwaukee area, his music stands out among what other Hip Hop artists are doing all over America in general. One thing that makes him so special is how adaptable and eclectic of an artist he is. Even from the small sample size of this article, it is easy to see that there are no limits on what he can do. partyat4 has the ability to attract a wide variety of music fans because he can make so many different kinds of R&B music. This is an artist that is very special and that I think everyone should be listening to. Not only am I excited for the remix of ‘To Da Moon’ that is being released on May 12, but I am also excited to see what else he cooks in the near future.


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