Unfortunately, The YSL record label has been in much turmoil during 2022. In addition to Lil Keed’s death in May of 2022, Young Thug and Gunna, the two leaders of their label(as well as many people associated with the label), have been arrested on RICO charges. It would be a real tragedy for YSL and the music industry in general if these two get put away for a long time, as they have both been staples in Trap music for so long and have been so influential to so many other artists. As we await the fate of Young Thug and Gunna, someone has to carry the torch for YSL; there may not be anyone better for this role than BSlime. I first heard BSlime when one of his songs got recommended to me on Spotify a couple of years ago. This song is called ‘Real Talk,’ and it features Young Thug. I really enjoyed this song at the time I heard it, as it was very unique. The instrumental uses a sample of the hit single ‘Jackie Chan’ by Tiesto, and the performances from BSlime and Young Thug are both great. I like BSlime’s flow and energy on this track, and his vocals contrast with Young Thug’s vocals perfectly. Since then, I somewhat followed BSlime’s output, as I thought he could be a star after hearing ‘Real Talk.’ Since releasing his records UNDERRATED(which ‘Real Talk’ was a part of) and UNDERRATED 2 in 2019, he has released a variety of great singles. Another one of my favorite recent releases of Bslime’s is his song ‘Turnt Up’ featuring FN DaDealer from 2021. Due to its melody and beat, this song has such an intense and foreboding energy, and both artists on this song match that energy so well. I especially like BSlime’s flow on this song, as he rides the beat so well and sounds so tough and natural on this instrumental. BSlime is now back with a new single called ‘Baguette,’ which features Persona Jackson. Here is my opinion on that track. Please let me know in the comments how you feel about this song, and also let me know about any other songs you think I should check out and write about.

‘Baguette’ gets off to a hot and intense start right from the jump. As soon as the track starts, Persona hits us with the song’s infectious chorus. It is the kind of hook that will immediately become imprinted in the listener’s brain. In fact, while I was at work last night, the phrase “I rock baguette and my diamonds in water. I rock baguette and my diamonds will scar you…” kept repeating over and over in my head. I love how his voice gets pitched down at the end of the chorus, as it adds to the harshness of the track. This song has a foreboding sound that has a fierce nature. The melody and beat for this track are very hard-hitting and full of vigor. When I listen to this song, it gives me so much energy and gets the blood flowing. BSlime’s flow and tempo to his rapping match the energy of the instrumental so well. He has a super fast pace to his flow on this track, and paired with this instrumental it gives the song such a powerful and fiery energy. I love how infectious and tough BSlime’s rapping style is on ‘Baguette.’ This is the kind of song to listen to if you need to get motivated for something because I guarantee it will pump the listener up. If you are a fan of melodic Trap that has a similar feeling to Young Thug’s music or if you just like powerful and ruthless Hip Hop, ‘Baguette’ is a song you need to download.


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