If you have been following this blog this year at all, you have probably seen me write about Cardiac Da Pulse. Cardiac Da Pulse is one of the interesting rising rappers making music in Milwaukee at this time. He is an artist who has so much diversity and versatility when it comes to his music. Every time he releases something, the listener never knows exactly what they are going to get. This is evident from the two singles he has already released this year. Both of these songs are very different from each other, and they show how easy it is for him to shift and adapt his sound. His first single of the year, ‘Caught Up,’ had a retro R&B-tinted sound that reminded me of the softer and more sensual Hip Hop of the early to mid-2000s. His second single of the year, ‘Family Ties,’ had a modern R&B Trap sound with a bit of Gospel Trap sound as well. One thing I know I can expect going into listening to a Cardiac Da Pulse track is I know that it is going to have a ton of quality. With that being said, here is how I feel about his new song, ‘Stars In The Ceiling,’ which is featuring and is produced by James Tatum. Please let me know in the comments how you feel about this single, and also go check out Cardiac Da Pulse’s other music and let me know how you feel about that as well.

Cardiac Da Pulse goes with yet another type of Hip Hop on the song ‘Stars In The Ceiling.’ This one has a low-key and relaxed beat with an old-school feeling to it, and it has a super groovy melody that has a psychedelic Funk feeling to it The melody for this track makes me think of artists like George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, or even Thundercat. The song does have a bit of a futuristic feeling to it as well; the way the synths are mixed almost has a video game feeling to them I love the distortion on some of the synths, as it makes the instrumental even grittier and funkier. Cardiac Da Pulse has such a silky flow that goes so well with the funkiness of the instrumental. I love how his deep voice and tone contrast the high and bright sound of the melody so well. This kind of instrumental requires the rapper to have a very smooth and deliberate pace, and Cardiac Da Pulse nails this perfectly. James Tatum’s performance on the chorus is excellent as well. Just like the melody does, his vibrant and elevated pitch contrasts Cardiac Da Pulse perfectly. On this track, Cardiac Da Pulse is stating how fresh and dope he and his girl are. He knows that they are the shit on their own and together, and he sees everyone staring at them whenever they go out. Overall, ‘Stars In The Ceiling’ is a sleek bop that is perfect for any fans of funky Hip Hop.


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