Milwaukee Hip Hop artist Cardiac Da Pulse is on a roll in the summer of 2022. He kicked off the summer with a sweet and sultry R&B tinted track called ‘Caught Up’ which featured Class M., and now he’s back with another great one called ‘Family Ties’ which features Ferro Haze(check out my write-up about his single ‘Caught Up’ after this by searching for it below). If you do not know Cardiac Da Pulse yet, you are in for a treat. He is an artist with so much versatility. He has the ability to switch up his flow and style of delivery at any time, giving his music so much depth. He is an artist that does not like to stay in one lane, so you never know what you are going to get when he drops a song. This makes him a very exciting artist to follow because he truly has something for all fans of Hip Hop.

‘Family Ties’ definitely has a different sound than Cardiac Da Pulse’s last single. Whereas that sound had more of a modern R&B Trap feeling to it, this one feels a lot more old school. The song is driven by a melody that makes me think of Gospel music in the south. This melody is provided by a slightly distorted keyboard riff which is so warm and cozy sounding, and it is complemented by choir-like vocals in the background. It also has a light and faded beat that goes with the energy of the melody and overall sound of the song so well. One thing that is certain about Cardiac Da Pulse when he raps is the fact that he is going to sound so smooth. He glides over this beat with such finesse, using an easy-going flow that fits perfectly on this instrumental. Ferro Haze comes onto the song at the end, providing an outro verse that compliments it perfectly. His higher-pitched delivery contrasts Cardiac Da Pulse’s lower register so well, and it adds a nice level of texture to the song. On ‘Family Ties,’ Cardiac Da Pulse is rapping about how your blood relatives do not always seem to support you or have your best interests in mind. Sometimes, friends(or even strangers) care about you and want to help you out more than your own family. ‘Family Ties’ is yet another awesome single from an artist that can not miss lately. Let me know in the comments below how you feel about Cardiac Da Pulse’s ‘Family Ties.’


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