Lakeyah has probably had the quickest rise out of any rapper to ever come out of Milwaukee. Her career has been on a path to the moon since she first started making music. She originally went viral back in 2017 as a part of a now-defunct Hip Hop group called Beyond The Music. After realizing how good she was and seeing the amount of success she could have as a rapper, she decided to dive head first into making music, moving to Atlanta at 18 to pursue her music career. Shortly after moving to Atlanta, she went viral with her verse on JT’s(of the City Girls) #FirstDayOutChallenge. She quickly doubled down on this virality with a freestyle to the instrumental of the song ‘We Paid’ by 42 Dugg and Lil Baby which took the world by storm. All this online popularity led to her being signed by Quality Control music. Wanting to keep her momentum going quickly released her debut mixtape Time’s Up. This project did super well, with the songs ‘Big Flexher’ featuring 46 Dugg and ‘Female Goat’ with the City Girls doing particularly well. Lakeyah doubled down and released her second project In Due Time, about three months later. This project also did very well, and it helped land her on the XXL Freshman list(you can read my review for In Due Time by searching for it in the bar below. It’s very good). Lakeyah has been on the kind of roll that no other rapper from Milwaukee has even been on, and I am excited to see what she can do next.

After doing a lot of high-profile features and releasing some popular freestyles over the last year, Lakeyah has come back with an EP called No Pressure Pt. 1. All of the songs on this EP are quality, but I have to say my favorite one is ‘I Look Good.’ This song has such a fun and unique sound that sticks out among modern Trap music. The instrumental has the pacing of a Dance music track, but the song has no melody to give it more of that EDM feel. Due to this fast pace and the distinct bassline, the instrumental makes me think of early 2000s pre-Trap Atlanta Hip Hop; it particularly reminds me of songs like ‘The Whisper Song’ by the Ying Yang Twins. Lakeyah absolutely kills it on this song. Her delivery matches the energy of the track so well. One thing I love about her delivery on ‘I Look Good’ is the tone she raps with. She has this low, snarling vocal style that shows off so much style and confidence. It goes with the subtle intensity of the beat so well. I also love the variety of flows she raps within this song. The way that she speeds up and slows down the pace she raps with provides so much texture to the song and makes it so much more fun. ‘I Look Good’ is a banger. It is another example of why Lakeyah is one of the most exciting young rappers out there, and it is apparent she continues to get better and better.


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