One of the things that I love the most about the Milwaukee music and art scenes is the diversity that these scenes show within the city. It really feels like you can create any kind of music or art here and be supported and accepted by fellow artists. This is especially easy to see in Milwaukee’s music scene. There is no overlying theme or style of music that is too dominant here; you can hear Melodic Trap music, Drill Music, Synthwave, various kinds of EDM, Folk, Indie-Rock, Art-Pop, Surf-Rock, Folk, Country, and pretty much any other kind of popular music from artists within the city. RBL is an artist that fits into the mold of Milwaukee artists perfectly because he does not really have a defining trait for his music. The most defining thing about his music is that there is no way to truly label his sound. He blends R&B, Pop, and Melodic Trap together in a way that is so seamless that it is almost like he created his own genre. With that being said, here’s how I feel about RBL’s new single ‘Feels.’ Let me know in the comments below if you like this track, and please comment the names of more independent artists should check out if you know if any!

‘Feels’ starts out with a super funky, clean, and melancholy guitar riff which serves as the basis for the melody. It is evident right from the beginning that this song is going to be very smooth and easy to listen to, but is going to have a very touching and deep meaning. A light Trap beat in the background provides the tempo for this song; ‘Feels.’ has a Pop-Trap sound to it that is sort of like a mixture of artists like Bazzi and iann dior or Lil Mosey. Lyrically, ‘Feels.’ is about trying to educate and influence the youth in our country so they can create a world of true equality for themselves in the future. He also talks about his own day to day struggles with mental health and feeling comfortable in his own skin, and how he knows he has to fight these demons everyday so he can be happy. I really like RBL’s flow and wordplay on this song. The way he croons and spits over this instrumental is very to the point and honest and it really draws the listener in. RBL’s ‘Feels.’ is a very nice sounding song that has a positive and uplifting message. If you like slow and funky Trap R&B or Pop-Trap, please give this song a listen because it is overall a very good song and has an important meaning to it’s lyrics.


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