I am so glad we are over the holiday and New Year’s lull that the music world experiences every year. I can not believe that a few weeks ago I was complaining there was not enough new music coming out. Now, it is like I can not decide which tracks I love to pick out for this list I have heard lately. I definitely could have included like 15 songs on this list at least; this means that there will be another edition of this list coming out very soon and that there may be a few songs on that list that came out in the last few weeks and probably could have been in this one. It is pretty weird and awesome how the music world seems to explode in mid-February; it is like as soon as labels and artists think that people are over the lull in pop-culture that we get during the holiday season and beginning of the year, labels and artists try to jam all of the music down our throats immediately that they had wanted to release earlier and couldn’t. One commonality about this list is that it has a few artists who I love that have been prolific with their output in the past but have not put out a ton of music of their own lately at all. It is so refreshing to know polarizing and iconic artists like Lady Gaga and Lil Uzi Vert are back and thriving, and it makes me believe that this is going to be an especially great year for music. With that being said, please let me know which of these songs you love in the comments down below! I would love to know what you think about all of this new and great music.


It is such a great time for pop music right now. Over the last year, we have had so many great artists like Rina Sawayama, Liz, Charli XCX, and Grimes making avant-garde and futuristic music that is definitely inspired by the queen that is Lady Gaga, holding down the fort in a such a great way while the queen has been taking a break. If you have not listened to any of these artists, please do so to see what the future of pop has become after Lady Gaga changed it for the better. I am happy to say, though, that the queen has returned and is ready to take back her throne. ‘Stupid Love’ is exactly what any Lady Gaga Stan would want it to be. It has a very similar energy to songs like ‘Born This Way’ or ‘Bad Romance;’ I love the synths that are like a mash-up of futuristic pop and late 90s synth-pop. If you are a fan of Lady Gaga’s music from the past, I know you will love this song. It is good to know that Gaga is finally back.


If you do not remember or did not get a chance to read the list of my favorite albums from 2019(if this is the case, it would be super cool if you search for that piece in the search bar below and read it after you are done reading this piece), you would recognize the name 100 gecs. If you did not read that article, I would be pretty surprised if you have heard of this new and awesome EDM outfit, unless you are huge into internet music meme culture or you are into underground glitchy Electronic music. If you have or have not heard of 100 gecs, you need to listen to this new remix of their song ‘ringtone.’ This track was already one of my favorite songs on their 2019 record 1000 gecs, as it is like the perfect merge between the futuristic glitch-house sound that the group normally embraces and a 2020 Y2K-style pop song. The contributions on the remix from, KKB, Rico Nasty, and Charli XCX are as weird and great as one would expect them to be. All three of these artists are considered to be some of the most boundary-pushing musicians in their perspective lanes of the industry, and all three of them contribute to the track in such a great and eccentric way. If you are into weird and glitchy Electronic artists or just enjoy music from any of the three features, I think you will really love this track.


Tobi Lou is a newer hip hop artist that I have been really excited about over the last year or so because of how unique and different he is. I am pretty sure I first heard his music randomly while watching Doja Cat on Instagram Live, so thank you to her for introducing me to Tobi Lou. His music sort of reminds me of a mixture of Chance The Rapper and Amine; it is definitely unlike any other rappers that you are listening to right now. “Hot Tub Dream Machine’ is such a cool and interesting song in many ways. I love the fact that it has such an upbeat and happy sort of instrumental, but the lyrics are actually pretty sad. Tobi is singing to someone he loves and pleading to them to stay together; while he is pleading, though, he is also listing reasons of why he knows they do not work together, and the back and forth is just very interesting and cool. Another great thing about this track is Tobi Lou’s vocal fluctuations; I love how he will go from a baby voice to a sweet singing voice to a more mature sounding rap voice all in the same song. If you are sick of trap music and want to hear some non-typical hip hop music, you need to check out ‘Hot Tub Dream Machine.’


When the hell is Lil Uzi Vert going to drop Eternal Atake? This dude has been teasing this new album of his for two years and has dropped multiple singles that seem to have nothing to do with each other but are still awesome in the meantime. I really hope he gets out of this label dispute soon and can drop that album because the rap world really needs another Uzi record. ‘That Way’ is the latest great single to come from Lil Uzi Vert, and once again no one knows if it is going to be on an upcoming project of his or if it is just a random single. Whether it is going to be on Eternal Atake or not, I have to say that I really love the song ‘That Way.’ In a way, it is actually a remix of the iconic Backstreet Boys song ‘I Want It That Way,’ with the melody being very single to the original and part of the chorus being used in Uzi’s chorus. It is just as strange as you think a trap version of a Backstreet Boys song would be, and I have to say that I think it is awesome. I have had this one on repeat for the last couple of days. I do not even know how to describe this song to you; I think you will just have to listen to it for yourself because it is just so weird. If you love Lil Uzi Vert, though, I think you will love this song, because his performance is great on it.


Dababy has had one of the best runs of a new artist to the mainstream Hip Hop world than anyone in recent memory. It seems like this guy has risen to the top of the industry out of nowhere; 2 years ago, unless you were into underground trap music, it is very unlikely that you would have heard of him. Now, partly due to some of his more catchy songs going viral on the app Tik Tok, it seems like everyone and their mom knows who this guy is. Honestly, I think that Dababy’s rise to the top of Hip Hop has been pretty awesome because this guy has such a vibrant personality and is just a really good and unique rapper. ‘Shut Up’ is the latest banger front the native of Charlotte, North Carolina. On this track, Dababy seems to be directly addressing all of his haters and people in the industry who are trying to tell him what to do and how to make music. A lot of people like to hate on him for using his favorite flows very frequently, but if he loves to rap like that and his fans love to hear him rap like that, why the hell should he stop rapping like that? I guarantee that if you are a big fan of what Dababy was been releasing lately, you will love ‘Shut Up’ if you have not already heard it. It is exactly what you would want it to be.


Rei Ami has easily become one of my new favorite upcoming artists, even though she has only released like five songs. In fact, I am pretty sure that I have pretty much talked about all of the music she has put out in her very short career so far over the last few months, and just can not get enough of her sound. Everyone of her songs goes so hard, and they all infuse different genres into hip hop music in a really cool way that is not like anything anyone else is doing right now. Trust me, you are not going to find a musician right now who is making the same kinds of music and sounds that Rei Ami is making. ‘Runaway’ is her latest single that is hard as hell and not similar to any other Hip Hop being made. It almost has a country trap vibe that reminds me of Tommy Genesis’ song ‘Lucky,’ but the instrumental for ‘Runaway’ goes so much harder and is so much brasher than that song is. Rei Ami’s soft and sweet vocals create such a cool juxtaposition with the way the track sounds; I love how the instrumental surrounding her sounds so chaotic, and she sounds so calm and sweet. The moniker ‘Hello Kitty with claws’ that has been given to her fits so well; she seems nice and sweet but is obviously not the person that should be messed with. Please listen to this track and let me know how much you love it because Rei Ami deserves to be a superstar right now.


If you know me, you probably have figured out by now how much I love Rico Nasty. She has been my favorite new Hip Hop artist for a while; I just love her high key energy, her constantly changing flows and song styles, and her willingness to think outside the box so much. It is just so cool how she pushes the boundaries of what is expected of her and is willing to experiment with different sounds and genres, even though she is expected to be typical trap artist. I have written about Rico so much since I have started this blog, so if you listen to this track and like it, you should definitely check out those posts after this one. I really love the industrial and grunge feeling that this song has. It is an industrial house banger that sounds like it came straight out of some pop-up rave in the 90s. Lyrically, this song is super fun and different from what would be expected of Rico as well. As is evident from the title of the track, this song is about Rico meeting a girl at the club and being really into her. As she gets more faded and more into the music and the girl, she starts to stop caring what everyone thinks and is just so immersed in her budding relationship with girl she has met. This song is just so fun and it goes so hard; If you are into house music or if you love Rico Nasty as much as I do, you need to check out this song because you will love it.


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