For the first installment of my new series about new, dope singles from local midwest artists, I am excited to tell y’all about Hood MVP’s track ‘Cappin.’ Hood MVP is a rapper from Chicago that has been grinding for a long while now. He originally gained traction from competing in various hip hop competitions around the Midwest, making a name for himself because of the high energy and passion that he puts into his craft. He also garnered some online popularity in 2009 with his mixtape People’s Champ; his hard ass and in your face style on this tape sets him apart, and his introspective lyricism and eclectic way of telling stories really help you get into and believe what he is saying. The way that he lets you into his life with his music definitely makes the listeners want to root for his success. Hood MVP has a sound and style that is immersed with the Chicago drill scene that was popular in the early 2010s which I personally love. Over the last couple of years, he has honed this sound and added more modern sounds, such as trippy melodies, futuristic sound effects, and some singing. With all of that being said, let’s get into this new single! Here is how I feel about Hood MVP’s new track ‘Cappin.’

Hood MVP has always had a very high-energy and intense sound, and from the regard ‘Cappin’ is no different. The instrumental punches you in the face right from the start: the “melody” is driven by these weird bells that remind me of early 2000s Southern trap music; I could totally see someone like Chingy, Lil Jon, or Petey Pablo could have jumped on back in the day. I love how there is very little intro to the instrumental; Hood MVP jumps on this track like Dababy does, rapping very intensely from the start and giving the listener no time to breathe. Hood MVP’s performance on this track sort of reminds me of a mixture of E-40 and Maxo Kream. I know that this combination may sound weird or may not make a lot of sense, but it will make sense when you listen to it and you will love it. I love that Hood MVP knows how cold his style of music is. His opinion on this is pretty clear from this line: Ice all in my veins, so there’s ice all in my chain. I put ice all in my teeth, so there’s ice all in my game.

My favorite thing about this song is the extremely high level of energy and the fact that Hood MVP is so in your face throughout this own track. In an era of Hip Hop where the focus seems to be more on melodies and big production, I am really into music where the immediate focus in on the rapping. This style of jumping right onto the beat from the start is underutilized, and it does a great job of making the energy of the song immediately skyrocket. If you need a new song that is hype as hell to turn up to, or if you need a new high energy joint to work out to, you should definitely show Hood MVP some love and download ‘Cappin.’ Let me know what other local(Midwest or Milwaukee/Chicago area) I should write about for this series next, and let me know how you feel about ‘Cappin’ in the comments down below!

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