It is actually pretty crazy to me that the end of 2019 is coming in about 2 weeks. This year has been fast and intense for me, but it also has provided me with a lot of opportunities and a lot of really dope things happened to me. I really hope that 2019 has been similar for you as well and that you are as excited for the upcoming year as I am. As far as the music world goes, I think we should all be super excited for 2020 because I think it is in most innovative, most diverse, and most including the state that it has been in for a long time. It is incredible to hear some of the music that is being made today if you compare it to what was being made 10 or 15 years ago. I talk about it all the time in my reviews, but the way that people are combining different sounds and genres today and how everyone is breaking the boundaries of what those genres are supposed to be is so cool. With all of that being said, please enjoy my last list of new songs that I love for 2019! I feel like all of the artists are really good at blurring the lines of what they are supposed to sound like with their music and never staying in one lane or being stagnant with their are. Let me know which of these songs you love as well in the comments down below!


Ya’ll already know that I had to start this list off representing my city. King Myles is an artist that I have written about quite a bit recently, as he is one of the best and most interesting artists making music in Milwaukee right now. His music has such an honest and personal feeling to it, and he makes it seem like he really wants you to know him. A lot of rap artists like to talk about what they can be or what they want to be, and I respect the fact that Myles just likes to tell us how he is right now. ‘Complicated’ is not necessarily that new of a track, as it actually is on his EP Hiii Times 3, which came out over the summer. ‘Complicated’ did, however, just have a music video dropped for it, so I thought it would be okay if I counted it as new enough for this list. I have always thought a lot of Myles’ stuff has an early 2000s New York vibe to it, but this song has way more of a West Coast feel to it. The instrumental is so smooth and laid back, and Myles’ flow on this one almost has a Kendrick feeling to it. Overall, ‘Complicated’ is a really cool track that is so great to just chill out and burn one too, and I hope you consider playing it during your next session.


Honestly, this new Grimes track is one of the main reasons I made sure I would have time to do one more of these lists before 2019 was over; I just had to tell you guys about this one. All of Grimes’ singles from this upcoming record have had this post-apocalyptic and robotic vibe to them driven by 90s electro-nu-metal type of sound that is totally awesome and unique, and 4AM is no different. What is different about this one though, is the actual energy of the song. All of the other singles from Grimes recently have been very brooding and intense; let’s just say that you probably would not hear these tracks at a dance party. 4AM is different in this regard; it is a lot faster and more upbeat, and the riff is super fun and will make anyone want to dance. I really love the mid 90s style alt-rock vibe this riff has; it is just so fun, and reminds me of the song ‘99 Luftballons’ a lot. This song and all of the other singles that have been released have gotten me so pumped to hear her upcoming album. If you like dance music please check this track out.


I do not know if we are in the midst of a miracle or is this is a sign of the apocalypse, but Lil Uzi Vert has finally released what is supposed to be the first single off of the album he has been trying to drop for two years, Eternal Atake. Uzi must have finally convinced Don Cannon to let him drop the record or at least start promoting it, because not only is ‘Futsal Shuffle 2020’ the first solo track that Uzi has dropped since last spring, but he also has been very active on social media for the first time in a long time. Whenever an artist that has been acting low key for a while starts posting online a lot out of nowhere, it is pretty safe to assume that artist is about to release some new music. ‘Futsal Shuffle 2020’ has the vibe of Lil Uzi Vert’s mixtape music that originally made him pop off; if you like LUV is Rage 2 more than Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World or The Perfect LUV Tape, this may not be the Lil Uzi song for you(also, if you do not like those tapes you are just nuts because they are so innovative and creative and great). I love the super hard melody of this track; it reminds me a lot of Jersey club music, or footstep, which is an awesome genre that you should definitely check out. If you still haven’t heard this song yet for some reason and you do not want to look like a fool when you’re called out to do the futsal shuffle at a party, you should probably listen to ‘Futsal Shuffle 2020’ right now.


‘Sucka’ is easily one of my favorite songs off of the new Danny Towers mixtape, Tarantula. I have to admit, I totally slept on this tape when it came out and I probably should have reviewed it because ‘Sucka’ is not the only dope song on this project. I am think of reviewing it sometime in early 2020 when I have time, so if you are into heavy and dark trap music, you should be looking out for that sometime in January. ‘Sucka’ is so damn dirty and grimey in the best way; it is the kind of trap song that will make someone do a lot of drugs and decide they want to hit a lick without ever having done so. Danny Towers’ voice on this song is so husky and gruff and he sounds so hard on this track. Danny Towers sounds more like Chief Keef than Keef does; just listen to this song and you will see what I mean by that. If you love trap music, you can’t miss out on this one, because it is just too good.


If you are into the PC Music bubblegum-bass and dark house world that has given us artists like Charli XCX, Hannah Diamond, and GFOTY, then I know you will love this new remix. Sophie has been known as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking producers for a while now, and it seems like everything she drops is gold in the weirdest and most trippy way. A collaboration with an artist like LiZ for Sophie really does seem perfect; LiZ excels at making music that sounds like it could come from 2002 and 2040 at the same time, and the sky should be the limit for her if she gets to work with super producers like Sophie. I really love the downtempo techno vibe that this track has. It honestly sounds like something that would be played at the club that they go to in The Matrix. If you’re in need of a new dance track to turn up to or something trippy and hype as hell to work out to, you have to check this one out.


If you have been following this blog for a good while now(or even if you have been following it for like two weeks because I just wrote about them), I would hope that the name Reyna sounds familiar to you. Reyna has been one of my favorite artists from Milwaukee for a while now. I have always loved how in a city where a lot of artists try to copy sounds from other places to get big instead of having an identity, Reyna has always stuck to their guns and done their own thing with their music. ‘Clueless’ has a similar vibe to what I would say can be called “Reyna’s sound;” the melody and tempo have that early 2010s alternative pop vibe that they have always seemed to love. ‘Clueless’ does, though, have a lot more of a modern pop feeling than a lot of their music has had in the past; this track really gives me Carly Rae Jepsen vibes, which is obviously a great thing. I can not wait to hear their upcoming project that will be out next spring. I really think that 2020 is going to be a huge year for Reyna; they are too good to not blow up soon.


Out of all the new Indie artists that are embracing retro styles of music, Shag Rock has easily become one of my favorites. Shag Rock just has such a genuine vibe to their lyricism and overall sound; it is the perfect sort of music to play at a summer kickback. Most of their music has a surf-rock feeling to it that kind of sounds like a mixture of late 90s alternative bands and The Beach Boys, but ‘Somewhere in the Middle’ that is actually a little different. This track has a lot more of a country dad-rock type of vibe to it. It actually reminds me a lot of Hootie and the Blowfish. The sound is just so free and easy-going. I do not think it is possible to listen to Shag Rock and be in a bad mood. They are starting to become my go-to band to listen to when stuff just is not going right. If you need a new song to listen to when you need to be cheered up, try listening to ‘Somewhere in the Middle’ by Shag Rock.