Living in the internet age as we are, sometimes it is tough to actually listen to every great new song that comes out. I definitely feel like because of the type of albums I have been reviewing lately, I have been subconsciously only listening to new songs that are somewhat similar in style or genre to those albums. Basically, what I am trying to say is most of the new music I have been into has been alternative or hyper-pop, and I have missed a lot of good rap music that has come out in the last couple of months. And considering some of the artists on this list actually have new albums coming out soon(for the example, the YNW Melly song on this list was a single released a little while back that is actually on his album that literally just dropped), I feel like I have to write about some of these songs. So enjoy this list of some hard ass new rap music that I love. That all being said, there actually is an exception to the theme this week, and it is the new Rina Sawayama track. If you are a new follower of this blog and have not seen me talk about her yet, please go check out the article that I wrote about her over the summer because she is so cool and talented and is one of my new favorite artists. Now that I got all of that out of the way, as Phillip DeFranco says, let’s just jump into it! Let me know which one of these songs ya’ll dig the most in the comments below!!


Those of us who are big hip hop fans know about the horrible tragedy that Tee Grizzley had to endure a few months back. Tee Grizzley’s aunt was recently the victim of a drive-by shooting by some rival gang members who were actually going after Tee himself. ‘Satish’ was the maiden name of this aunt, who was also his manager and as he says pretty much the only person who has ever believed in him, so this song is obviously dedicated to her. Y’all, this is one of the most emotional and heart-wrenching trap songs that you are going to hear this year. Tee Grizzley was so hurt by the tragedy, and you can just hear it in the lyrics and in his voice. Tee shows off all of the things that make him a great and unique rapper as well, with him constantly switching flows and alternating between singing and rapping. This song is hard as shit, bro, and although the topic is sad as hell, I am sure I will be bumping it for months to come.


Pop Smoke is the latest rapper to rise out of the underground of NYC, and I have to say he is probably the most unique and interesting artist to do this since Young M.A.(as far ar 6ixNine goes, I do not want to hear it because his music sucks, and I do not really think that Cardi B technically came from the underground). Pop Smoke has a this gruff, cold killer voice and vibe that is very reminiscent of 50 Cent; in other words, he has a super smooth flow and sounds like someone that you would definitely not want to mess with. When he sing-raps, as he and Lil TJay do on ‘War,’ he has this deep and husky voice that sounds similar to no other rappers making music right now and is totally unique. The instrumental for this one, just like most of his music, has a hard ass drill vibe that is like a combination of early 2010s Chicago music and British grime. If you are one of those people that thinks all trap music that is sung today sounds similar, listen to this track please so I can prove you wrong.


Most people would probably not classify this one as a rap song, but slowthai spits mad bars on this one and instrumental for hip hop have become super subjective so I am counting it. Plus, I believe this is the last single from the upcoming Mura Masa album that I am pumped for, so I thought I needed to include this song. ’Deal Wiv It’ has about the most amount of slowthai energy that a song can have. The tone of this song is actually like you would expect; slowthai is basically saying just shut the fuck up and keep trucking along because we all have to deal with bullshit every day and no one is special for that. The instrumental for this song is so brash and hardcore and funky; it reminds me of late 70s punk music. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone said the riff came from a Stooges song or Black Flag record. No matter who or what this song makes you think of, no one can deny this track is emotional and in your face and will make you want to dance or break shit or both.


Considering how much I like Lil Uzi Vert and how popular A Boogie has become at this point, you would think I would have put this song in last week’s list when it actually came out. I do not really know how I could have missed ‘Reply’ when it came out, but it is all good because I am able to include it today. A Boogie is back to his emotional auto-crooning ways on this song; it is very apparent that he is pretty distraught over the fact that the girl he is into did not reply to him. Instrumentally, this track has a typical gloomy melody and trap beat that are not too out of the ordinary. It is the vocal performances that draw me into this song so much. A Boogie since in this deep and husky voice for quite a bit of this song that I could not know was in his range, and it adds to the emotion of the track nicely. Lil Uzi Vert’s performance is super raspy and gruff and punk and reminds me a lot of his performance on his song ‘Scott and Ramona;’ followers of this blog should know how much I love that song, so I obviously love this similar performance in ‘Reply.’ All and all, in the grand scheme of auto-crooner trap, this song is really super different or innovative, but the individual performances on ‘Reply’ are great and make it better than most similar trap songs out right now.


This track is another one(extreme DJ Khaled voice) that I do not even know how I slept on when it came out because I have been really into Melly for a while and I have been rooting for him to beat his case. I guess somehow with me having so many albums to focus on lately that some great songs by artists that I am really into. This track has a very Caribbean-style vibe to it, which seems to be something that Melly really loves to embrace. The riff of this song reminds me so fucking much ‘Wyclef Jean,’ which is a great thing in my opinion because I really love that song. ‘223’s’ literally sounds like a sped-up version of ‘Wyclef Jean;’ like they gave the same riff more of a Latin Trap vibe instead of the reggae vibe that Young Thug’s version has, making ‘223’s’ a sweet, updated version of an already great rap song. It makes sense that Melly would take this much inspiration from Young Thug because he honestly reminds me of an even more modern version of Young Thug. I know that Lil Keed is supposed to be the heir apparent to the YSL throne, and do not get me wrong I really dig him too, but Melly has this weird emotion to his music and strange vocal ranges that remind me so much of Thugger. Lyrically, you can probably guess what this song is about; and considering what YNW Melly is in jail in right now, I would take him seriously when he says he will roll up on you with some 223’s or AR-15’s.


‘I Think I Luv Her’ is another dope rap song that came out this fall that has a Caribbean vibe to it; with artists like J. Balvin, Rosalìa, and Bad Bunny being some of the biggest artists internationally right now, it makes sense that American hip hop artists will continue to try to capitalize it. I personally love Latin music and I totally dig when Americans try to incorporate it into our art, so I typically tend to dig any new songs I hear with Latin elements. Tyla Yaweh is another up and coming auto-crooning rapper that will probably remind you a lot of A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie or Pnb Rock, so if he is perfect for throwing on when you are just kicking back or turning up with the homies. One thing I like about Tyla Yaweh is that he has this goofy personality that shines through in his lyricism; because of this, his music is definitely not boring. Next time you and the boys and turning up while getting ready to go to the function. throw ‘I Think I Luv Her’ on and then DM me on Instagram and tell me you love it and I was right.


As I stated in the intro, ‘STFU!” is the only track in this list that is not a new hip hop song from this fall that I missed; even though I did want to stick to a theme for this week, I just could not leave this song out or wait until next week to tell y’all about it because it is just too good. Rina Sawayama is one of a few bold female pop stars that are embracing elements of heavy metal, nu-metal, and industrial music in 2019; two other female pop artists that have been experimenting with these kinds of music recently are Poppy and Grimes. The theme behind this song and music video are very personal to Rina is sick of the micro-aggressions that Japanese(and all Eastern Asian women in general) face on a day to day basis from Caucasians in the West. Examples of this would be saying all types of Asians look exactly the same, assuming the food at Asian restaurants will be better if an Asian is the one serving it, and wearing outfits such as kimonos or referring to women as Geishas without understanding the historical context of these things. On ‘STFU!’ Rina is totally sick of all of this bullshit, as you can tell from the maniacal laughing in the song and the chorus that just consists of Rina yelling: SHUT THE FUCK UP! This is an anthem that females of color need to hear in 2019, and I hope that Rina’s new album(which I am super excited for) continues with these ideas of reclaiming her identity, as well as continues to see her travel down this industrial and nu-metal path that is so damn badass.


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