“It’s baby no money!” With how viral this guy has gone in the last year or so, it would be a travesty for me to not talk about his new record. bbno$ has rocketed to the top of the viral music scene seemingly out of nowhere; after he and Y2K had ‘lalala’ go viral and people found out who this guy is, it seems like music fans can not get enough of him. (if you aren’t sure who bbno$ is, just look up ‘lalala’ because I promise you have heard it at some point) I mean, the dude is at well over 18,000,000 listeners per month on Spotify, which is more than the Migos. bbno$’s ability to tow the line between comical meme music and “mature” or “real” music is what is making him so popular; the dude mostly seems to make cheesy and funny rap music, but his flows are so cold and his singing ability is so nice that his talent transcends the pre-conceived notion about meme music, which is making high school and college kids love this guy. bbno$’s whole look and personality is super relatable for a lot of young white music listeners out there today; I mean the dude is a self-described video game nerd from a small town in Canada, and this is probably closer to how the majority of music listeners live than someone like 21 Savage, you know? I Don’t Care at All is the second mixtape to come from bbno$ in the last couple of years, and this one is completely produced by his frequent collaborator, the aforementioned Y2K. This is excellent because it is pretty apparent that these two understand each other’s musical style very well, and seem to be excellent at getting the best out of each other. If you love light-hearted comical rap music that still goes hard as hell, you do not want to miss I Don’t Care at All.

If I’m not grinding, may as well put me in hell. Labels chasing me cuz I deactivated stealth. Fucking hated school, I was saved by the bell. Ain’t so different from you, yeah? Why can’t you tell?

The album starts out exactly as it should, with a low key melodic trap song that has a riff that I am pretty sure is a sample from the song ‘So Happy Together’ by The Turtles. Obviously not a sample you would expect for a trap song, but it seems pretty right coming from bbno$. On ‘bad thoughts,’ bbno$ is flexing on his haters, reminding him that he was just like them. The difference between him and these kids sitting at home hating is that he has worked hard and he made it, and they didn’t. I love this sentiment from him. Just work hard and do what you love and success will come; let the haters hate. ‘on god,’ which features Lewis Grant, is a confirmation that all of the production on this album is going to go crazy. Thank you for that, Y2K. The melody of this is very creepy and foreboding; it reminds me of a scene from a horror movie when you first start to get a peek at the bad guy. The buzzing bass on this song sounds like a damn chainsaw, and it is so dope. I like bbno$’s low key delivery on this song because it kind of adds to the drama of the melody and beat. In true internet troll fashion, the Lewis Grant section of the song is completely different than the rest and is randomly placed right in the middle; this portion of the song literally sounds like a 2010s era cheesy alternative rock song and seemingly has literally nothing to do with the rest of the song. I find this kind hilarious and awesome because it is so weird. ‘slop’ was one of the singles released from the project, and I’m sure that because it is kind similar to ‘lalala’ it was picked as a single to draw people in. I really love the country-western instrumental that sounds like a hard ass trap version of the music Will Smith made for his movie Wild Wild West. One thing I really dig about this song is the auto-tuned singing that bbno$ does on the chorus of this track. It is different than anything I have heard from him yet, and I would love to hear him experiment in this way more in the future.

Off the Triple-Sec, stunting on my ex. Getting Pnb Rock type neck. That ain’t a weird flex. Shinin’ on my ex, yeah what’s next, bitch?

Following that trip into the wild Wild West, we get to hear the other single that was released from this album, ‘shinin’ on my ex.’ This track features bbno$’s frequent collaborator Yung Gravy, which is dope because their chemistry is super palpable. I love how goofy the lyricism is on this song. It sounds like Yung Gravy and bbno$ just got on the mic and started riffing and forth, and they tracked all the bars that sounded good. I mean, what other rappers are you going to find bragging about getting fucked up off of triple-secs? These guys are like no one else. The next song is definitely the weirdest track on this album, and it another prime internet troll moment for bbno$. ‘I DON’T CARE AT ALL CAUSE I GOT MONEY’ is another flex on the haters, and features bbno$ repeating over and over again that he does not care, and that is because he has money. There are other lyrics in this song, but it is just mostly him repeating the phrase: I don’t care cuz I got money. The instrumental on this one is super cool and weird. The melody sounds like an off-brand version of a game like Space Invaders, and it is put over this trippy sort of trap beat that is just weird. The next song is a total highlight for the album, even though it is meant to make fun of itself. ‘pop song’ is bbno$’s clever way of pleasing his music label, as it is more pop which is obviously what all labels want. Although bbno$ repeatedly states on the song that he is uninterested, this song is still a funky dance-pop song, so he is conceding to what they want. The instrumental on this one is another masterpiece from Y2K, and it further proves how diverse and talented he is as a producer. Even though this song is meant to be ironic, I would like to see bbno$ explore this sort of dance-pop vibe more because he is honestly pretty good at it.

Feel like Jimmy Neutron, gotta blast! (Blast!) Feel like I done grow up when I finally got some cash…

The next track on this project is another major highlight for me, and it is another song that goes in a direction that I hope bbno$ explores more in the future. ‘jimmy neutron’ features Lil Mayo, who has excellent chemistry with bbno$ on this track; they sound really natural going back and forth with each other. This beat on this song is hard as hell as well, and the melody sounds like a demented and synthetic version of an off-brand Rugrats theme song. Although the sound and vibe of the track are pretty strange, it totally works out on this song. ‘pouch’ is pretty standard for bbno$ in my opinion. It honestly literally sounds like it is supposed to be a random throwaway track on a bbno$ record. This is not necessarily a bad thing; I am sure his stans love this one because it sounds exactly how it should. Once again, I have to shout out that production from Y2K. I do not even know how to describe it; it literally sounds like futuristic alien trap or something, and it is so dope. The vibe and sound of ‘it gon’ last’ is anything but typical; it is another instance where bbno$ and Y2K just went for some wacky and rad idea. The chorus of this song literally sounds like a sample of the John Travolta verse the song ‘You’re the One I Want’ from ‘Grease.’ The vibe of the verses sounds like a combination of jazz-trap and country-trap. If you do not know what that shit would sound like and you are curious, listen to this song because it is totally unique from anything else you are going to here. Speaking of switching it up, the last track on this project, which is called ‘gone,’ sounds literally like nothing else on this record. This track literally sounds like an 80s synth-pop new wave song, I assume that bbno$ probably will not continue to go in this direction with his music, but he absolutely kills it on this one. It is an excellent way to end the project, and it totally leaves me wanting more.

I Don’t Care At All is a collection of tracks where bbno$ and Y2K were seemingly throwing every musical idea they have ever had at the wall and seeing what could stick. For the most part, this seems to work out pretty well for them, as this album has a lot of dope tracks with awesome production and cool flows. Now that these two have a better grasp of what sounds good and what they want to do, it will be exciting where their collaborations go next. Until that collaboration, I will definitely be listening to a bunch of this project, and you should too. Stream it below and tell me what you think!



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