I can’t lie to ya’ll, there are some weeks where I have to actively search for music to put into one of these articles, whether it is because I just was not able to find a ton of good music that week or I just did not like a ton of the stuff that came out. I am sure some of ya’ll that have read more than two of these articles about new songs I love have noticed that once in a while I will have to include songs from a couple months ago to fill the list. Fortunately, that is not the case at all this week, as there are so many good new songs that I would love to include in this piece. In fact, there are too many good songs from this week, so I will probably have to make a couple of them carry into next week’s post about dope new songs I love. This is another one of those weeks where there really is not any sort of genre theme to the songs that are included in this article; in my opinion, that is a good thing, because that just shows that there are so many different cool artists making so many different types of awesome music. One thing that does connect every single one of the songs in the list this week is that every single one of these songs was made by women! I think that women have been absolutely killing it in the music game this year, whether it is with hip hop music or otherwise. I did not even purposefully only pick songs by women for the list this week; there are just so many great ones that recently came out, it was pretty easy to make a full list of songs by women without even trying to. So I hope you enjoy this list of music from some of the most exciting women in music right now! Let me know which songs are your favorites in the comments below!


It is always a great week when there is new Haim music to listen to. ‘Now I’m In It’ is the second single they have released in 2019, so hopefully, there will be a new Haim album for me to review pretty soon. If you are not into Haim’s typical sound(which would be silly because their sound is awesome), you probably will not be a fan of ‘Now I’m In It.’ This track actually feels a lot more like their first album, Days Are Gone, than their more previous work; ‘Now I’m In It’ has that sort of modern danceable take on Fleetwood Mac style folk-rock that I loved so much on songs like ‘Forever’ or ‘Don’t Save Me’ when I first started listening to the sisters. One thing that is unique about ‘Now I’m In It’ is the production, specifically the background noises and sound effects that are added throughout the song. Most of Haim’s music in the past is pretty cut and dry or to the point when it comes to the sound; it sort of has sounded like they were committed to only using traditional instruments to keep the sound as natural and retro as possible. They seem to have stopped doing that with this new track, though, and the weird adlibs and sounds in the background really add to the complexity of the track. I would love to see the sisters explore this idea of making their sound a bit more weird and futuristic more in the future!


I know I said in the intro that all of the songs on this list this week were made by women, and this is the only song where I kinda cheated with that statement. ‘Not Ready For Love’ is the latest single from rising EDM producer TCTS, and it features Maya B, who I have talked about multiple times in this series lately because she is fucking unique and rad. Even though ‘Not Ready For Love’ is technically a house track by TCTS, Maya totally steals the show with her vocals and personality, which is why I included it in this list. I love the deep nature and bass of Maya’s voice on this song; the low-voiced nature that she is singing with really adds to the emotion of the song and makes the listener feel for her because it is obvious she is hurting. I have to shout out TCTS because the production on this song is pretty awesome as well. The instrumental sort of reminds me of a combo of deep house music like Rufus Du Sol and Europop music from the early 2000s. I know that it is probably pretty difficult to imagine what that would actually sound like, so I guess you have to listen to it and tell me if you agree!


It feels like Selena Gomez has been gone for quite a while. Besides the fact she has made a couple dance songs with major DJs over the last couple of years like ‘Taki Taki’ and ‘Wolves,’ as well as that song she made for the tv show 13 Reasons Why, Selena has been staying relatively low key over the last couple of years. In fact, she really has not even done a ton of acting lately, as, besides her contributions as Mavis in the Hotel Transylvania series, Selena has really only appeared briefly in a couple of movies and shows over the last couple of years. But we all know that Selena would not want to stay out of the spotlight forever, so it was only a matter of time before we got some new music from the former Disney star. I would imagine that most of the Selenators dig the song ‘Look At Her Now,’ as it reminds me a lot of her electro-pop music from the past. This track has more of a modern electro-pop feeling to it though, with her leaving some of her traditional R&B tendencies out of this song. My favorite of this song is the weird hook. I mean, Whenever I hear the mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm noises that Selena makes in the chorus, I immediately want to start striking poses. Maybe this song will be the new ‘Vogue.’ All I know is this song really makes me want to dance, which is obviously never a bad thing.


I have a feeling that I am really going to enjoy Doja Cat’s new album, which comes out on November 7 and is called Hot Pink, because I have thoroughly enjoyed every piece of music she has put out over the last year. Each single she has released from this album has a totally different sound from one another; Doja Cat is excellent at adapting and making music that will appeal to a broad range of people, and it seems like she can create any sound or type of music she wants to while still keeping it so authentic to herself lyrically. ‘Rules’ is another example of Doja Cat venturing into a type of music that we probably would not expect, this time making country-western trap music that is pretty, unlike anything I have heard before. This song and music video seem like they were created by Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez; the whole vibe that is created feels like a super violent country-western movie. My favorite thing about this song is the second verse, where Doja Cat starts to go crazy on the microphone, rapping her truths with a rapid-fire intensity. I love her vocal fluctuations in this verse; she easily has one of the most interesting voices in hip hop right now, as she can sound like 8 different people on the same song. I am super pumped to hear Hot Pink very soon, and I am sure I will be bumping ‘Rules’ quite a bit until it comes out.


I always love it when I get the chance to promote a new dope song from an awesome Milwaukee artist, and I especially love it when that song is by Auti Marie, because like I have said before she is easily one of my favorite emerging artists in this city. Auti Marie’s flow, confidence, and overall music style reminds me so much of Missy Elliot in the best way. Auti seems to embrace these dirty-South non-trap style beats that sound like they came from the late 90s and were produced by Timbaland, and her flow is so mature sounding and she has this way of telling stories that is so old school and sort of underground. If you are not into sexually explicit music or songs that are exclusively about sex, this is song probably will not be for you(this is the part of the article where my mom or any other older members of my family should stop reading). ‘Thotumn’ has a lyrical content and vibe that stays on the theme of the title of the track very well; Auti Marie knows all of these guys out here in these Milwaukee streets want a piece of her ass, and since it is ‘Thotumn’ it seems like she is pretty happy to oblige. Auti Marie’s confidence is awesome and should be an inspiration; her love of her body and the fact she knows that she is so bad is so awesome and necessary. ‘Thotumn’ would be a perfect end of the night club track when you are looking for someone to take you home.


I have been wondering where Tinashe had disappeared to for the last couple of years. I used to be really into some of her stuff!! I mean everyone can get down to the banger she had with Schoolboy Q back in the day. I learned recently that Tinashe actually decided to leave her record label and management in favor of doing everything independently; she felt like she did not have enough control of her own art and image, so she spent the last couple of years cutting ties with those telling her what to do and developing the new sounds that she wanted to make. At the beginning of October, Tinashe started her comeback, releasing a trailer online for her upcoming project Songs For You as well as having a private listening party for it. ‘Die A Little Bit,’ which features Ms. Banks, is the first single from that upcoming project, and, y’all, I really love it. This track is very unlike anything Tinashe has made in the past; for the most part, it seems like she focused on making traditional almost retro style R&B in the past, and this is not that at all. The vibe of ‘Die a Little Bit’ reminds me a lot of FKA Twigs or MIA. It is very futuristic and avant-garde, but also has an underground club vibe that sounds like it came out of the Y2K era. Whatever feeling this song gives you personally, I know that you will like it when you listen, because it is just so cool and unique. I am really glad for this Tinashe comeback, and I can not wait to see what she makes next!


Honestly, last week would have been a great week for music if this was the only new song that had come out because Flo Milli is just so damn great. If those close to me have not figured it out by now(it is probably pretty impossible for them to not have figured it out), Flo Milli is one of my new favorite rappers, and I think she is going to be a total superstar. Flo Milli just has this confidence, attitude, and demeanor that is so funny and vibrant and unapologetic, and her flows and voice and rapping style is unlike any other rapper you can even listen to right now. Flo Milli’s newest track, ‘In the Party,’ is so fun and dirty and great. It is a really great party or turn up track. The vibe of the instrumental is a little retro trap-sounding; it reminds me a lot of D4L or the Crime Mob. One of the best things about this song is the melody for it, which is provided by Flo Milli making “la la la la” sounds and it is my favorite thing. This is one of those songs that I know when I throw it on in the coming weeks, people will ask me what it is called because it is so great, and I will be able to call them out for not reading this or at least listening to the song after you read this. Please do not be one of those people and listen to Flo Milli’s ‘In the Party’ below and let me know how much you love it!


Remember how last week I was talking about how happy I was with the algorithm Youtube uses to suggest music to me? Well, award another point to the algorithm, because this banger came from my Youtube suggestions just like so many songs do lately. Rei Ami’s description of herself on Spotify is “Hello Kitty with a knife,” and I do not think this assessment is very far off. This song goes so damn hard, man. Imagine how hard you think a song by Rei Ami would go from looking at the photo above, then multiply that by 1,000,000, because that is how hard this track goes, ya’ll. The melody is made up of a creepy mandolin riff and along with a flute, and it is just cute and creepy enough for me to know that this is the last chick that anyone should be messing with. The beat switch up at the end of the track is so cold, too. In this two and a half minute song, Rei shows off way more diversity as an artist than most typical trap artists today have on a whole mixtape. If you only actually listen to one song on this list, make it this one because it is so good, trust me.


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