Fuck yeah, man, it is always a great day when we get to listen to new music from Father. Those of you who know me personally or those of you who have been following this blog for a while should probably know how much I am into Father’s music by now. In my opinion, Father is one of the most unique and interesting and different trap artists to emerge in the 2010s. He has always used very unconventional beats and melodies, and his vocals are so sweet and nasally but also oddly very hype. Sometimes it is tough to tell if Father is wanting us to turn the fuck up or trying to help us chill out with a dark trap lullaby. Either way, pretty much everything this guy puts out is fire, and his newest project, the Husband EP, is no different. Most of these tracks are steamy and dreamy, with Father telling hilarious tales about the women that he has had relations with. Father has always been a romantic at heart, and the content of this EP is no different. You will hear no disrespect towards women in these songs. You will, however, hear lots of witty and zany bars that are bound to make you chuckle. Father is as comical as ever on this EP, with every song full of his funny anecdotes and metaphors. He even gets assistance from comedian Zack Fox on one of the tracks; honestly, there probably could not be a better rapper for Father to collaborate with. Father’s drawing abilities were even put to the forefront with this EP, with Father himself illustrating all of the cover art. If you love melodic and heavy as hell trap bangers and don’t mind them having a lovey-dovey tone, Husband EP is a project for you.

Look like Joseph Joestar. Fuck me girl, you’ll go far. Got thizz and a pint in my Goyard. Make me dumb go so hard…

‘Joestar’ is a really nice and chill way to get this EP started. I really love how sweet and pretty the melody is, which sounds like it is being made with a mandolin. ‘Joestar’ is a bit of an ode to Joseph Joestar from the show JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure; Joestar is known for being a bit and a flirt and a bit of a romantic, and I am certain that this is a trait Father identifies with. ‘Joestar’ actually has a bit of a country feel and twang to it; maybe the Alabama influence in Father is creeping out on this track, because with the twang of the mandolin and Father’s accent and flow ‘Joestar’ almost sounds like country trap. Move over, Lil Nas X. If I wanted to pick a favorite song on the record, it would be pretty tough for me to not choose ‘Hexes,’ which features Meltycanon. Every song on this tape is dope so it is difficult to pick a favorite, but there is something about ‘Hexes’ that just draws me in so much and I love it. The melody of the track is pretty typical for a collaboration between Meltycanon and Father; it is super pretty and sweet-sounding and sounds a lot like a song that would play during a romantic scene of an anime. Father flows so effortlessly on this one; in fact, ‘Hexes’ contains one of my favorite Father flows ever, which is saying a lot because one thing he is known for is having great flow. I love the singing from Meltycanon on this one, too; this song actually makes me want to check out some of his solo music. The song ‘Hexes’ must have put a hex on me because I can not stop playing it.

Still from video for ‘Iceman’

‘Handful’ is definitely the hardest song on Husband and it is a totally freaking banger; this song is the one that I could see getting the most stream traction among Father’s non-die-hard fans since it is probably the best one to party to. The low as hell and rattling bassline along with the quick and danceable trap beat definitely make ‘Handful’ a prime song to play at the club or any function. I love the fluctuation of vocal pitches that Father uses on this one; that weird girly voice he uses during the pre-chorus needs to be utilized more often. After a banger like ‘Handful,’ Father is well aware that we need a bit of a cool-down song, and ‘Iceman’ fits that role very well. If ‘Handful’ is the song you turn up to at the club, ‘Iceman’ is the song you play at the after-party when you are trying to snuggle up with a special someone. Once again, this track is produced by Meltycanon, which is honestly probably pretty obvious because of the lullaby style piano riff of the melody. The tone and melody of this one will definitely make you want to fuck someone and go to sleep. For how sweet and cute the melody is and how nice and soft Father vocals are, the lyricism and flow on this track are hard as shit. It reminds me a lot of SpeakerKnockerz or even YNW Melly. The toughness of the rapping on this song creates a cool juxtaposition with the melody and beat. ‘Iceman’ is probably the most unique and inventive sounding song on this project in my opinion.

Know you’ve got a lot on your plate. Hunnids run down real slow like some honey. Always think that I’m doing her funny. She wanna go on a rendezvous. My therapist just had a breakthrough. Everywhere I go, I wanna take you…

It probably would not be difficult for you to figure out that ‘a lot on your plate’ is produced by Meltycanon after hearing the melody. ‘a lot on your plate’ has that super melodic lullaby type feel that he and Father are known for; I love the chimes that are in the background of this melody. Father brings out his softer side again on this song, as you can see from the above lyrics. This track is a love track that is probably being sung to the mother of Father’s child-to-be, as being pregnant would totally qualify as being a lot on someone’s plate. Whoever Father is singing to, he must really want to be with them because the romantic in him really comes out on ‘a lot on your plate.’ If you are a fan of songs that are similar to Father’s classic hit ‘Heartthrob,’ I know that you will dig ‘a lot on your plate’ if you have not heard it by now. The EP closes out with the banger that is ‘Family Function,’ which features the comedian and artist Zack Fox. Father and Zack have been known each other for a long time, and Zack’s initiation into the music world was actually as an illustrator for the cover art of projects released by Awful Records. Since those early Awful Days, Zack has built a career online as a comedian for himself and recently got into rapping as well. Father and Zack Fox are like the perfect collaboration because these guys are both so funny and zany. I honestly do not think there are any other people in the rap game that could get away with lyrics like this: Two dicked up on a Tuesday night. Everybody here down to take a n****a life. If you wanna slide, pussy n****a, then slide. One n****a ride, everybody gon’ ride. But that is just how the Awful Records family functions; those guys truly just do what they want to do. ‘Family Function’ is a super clean and tight trap banger that is bound to make you turn up and laugh at the same damn time. What could be better than that?

One of my favorite things about Father’s music and art is how he continues to push the boundary but still stays true to the weird signature sound he initially created. Every piece of music he puts out is sort of like an extension or advanced version of the music he is known for. So, basically, you are into Father’s past music, you should definitely love Husband. That being said, I am going to go listen to ‘Hexes’ on repeat because that song is so cold. Let me know what your favorite tracks are when you stream it below!



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