Another week, another crop of songs that I find. Discovering new music and sharing it with people is just one of the things that makes me the happiest. Speaking of great new music, if you have not read either of my last two reviews, y’all should really check them out. Slayyyter and Charli XCX just dropped two of my favorite albums of the year; if you are into electro-pop at all, trust me and check these albums out because they are awesome. As far as a theme or types of music, I would say this list is pretty random. Every song on this list is pretty different from the last. I guess that is the awesome thing about music in 2019; there are so many different cool types and combinations of music that you can find multiple new songs a week that are completely different from each other. It really does seem like you would be able to find literally any type of music you would want to listen to in the current day and age, and that is pretty sick.


‘Inro’ is the first and probably only single(unless he literally drops one today) to come off of Dababy’s new record Kirk, which comes out at midnight tonight. Dababy has had a whole world of success in 2019; he is coming off of the heels of his major record debut Baby on Baby, which was released earlier this year and shot Dababy to the top of the charts. Most artists do not come out with another full length album a few months after they dropped a number one record, but Dababy is obviously not most people. This song is stylistically a total switch up from what we have become used to from Dababy. The instrumental to this one is more poppy than pretty much all of his other music, and the chorus of this song sounds like it actually samples or at least follows the same vocal pattern as Drake’s smash ‘Nice For What.’ This sound is pretty cool to hear coming a guy like Dababy who’s sound is typically so in your face and brash. Lyrically, this song is about Dababy losing his dad around the same time his album went number one. That had to be such a highly emotional time for him; it must be so tough and so weird to experience such a high high and such a low low at the same time. It is cool to hear this retrospective side from Dababy, and this has me very excited to hear his new record.


I literally just found out about Hook a few days ago from her going semi-viral on twitter, and she is already easily one of my favorite new artists. Hook has a sound that is totally unlike any other female rapper or really any other rapper in general. I would say to me she kind of sounds like Playboi Carti mixed with Splurge but it still definitely sounds feminine,,, she is a totally unique and fresh artist. ‘Scram’ is a super loud and dirty and bass heavy trap joint that is super heavy and fun. If you are one of those people that says you are sick of monotonous sounding trap, check this out because it is unlike anything that is mainstream trap.


Any one who follows Slayyyter on Instagram should have a pretty decent idea of who Robokid is by now. It is pretty obvious that they are best friends, and he seemed to be a primary influence on her music, as well as one of her main producers. Since I have gotten really into Slayyyter lately and I love her new album, I had to check Robokid’s own music out. I am glad I did, because ‘Fast Car’ is pretty awesome. This song is like a robotic and futuristic version of 80s new wave; This song literally sounds like(to me) if INXS or Flock of Seagulls made music in 2099. This song is so cool and fun, and I am now officially a big Robokid fan as well.


‘Playing Games’ is a melancholy as all hell R&B joint that was dropped by Summer Walker at the end of August as one of the lead singles for her upcoming record. If you saw my list last week which included Maya B and liked her music, you should check out this song as well. Summer Walker’s sound is a little more traditional R&B than Maya’s; I would even go so far as to say that Summer Walker’s sound is definitely influenced by trap music. In fact, this song is produced by one of the biggest trap producers in the game, London On Da Track. The chorus and overall flow of this song are so catchy, and I and totally looking forward to any upcoming music that Summer Walker drops. If you are into moody and dark R&B/hip hop, you should definitely check this one out.

@thebackoftheparty – push baby

push baby is an artist that I did not know much about before hearing this song, and I think from this one I can really get into them. Their sound is sort of a combination of pop-rap and synthy alt-rock; it is sort of like a more modern take on early 2010’s white college rap and the Neon Trees. This is such a perfect and chill kickback track; I really love listening to this song while driving. The chorus on this song is so catchy as well; I love how this song flows and how it was written. If you like poppy alternative rock or artists like Hoodie Allen or Jake Miller, you should definitely check ‘@thebackoftheparty’ out.


Tone and I are and Australian pop duo that burst onto the music scene literally out of nowhere earlier this year with their first single ever going viral in Australia. ‘Dance Monkey’ is the second of their six total songs so far(they recently just released an EP) to go viral, this time climbing into the American music world as well. I personally found this song from looking at a new viral music list on Spotify. I do not even know what or who I would compare this to. It is like super minimalistic jazz pop with a hip hop element. The vocals on this song are super unique and strange as well. She sort of sounds like when people make fun of the way indie girls sing but in a good way. This is the song on the list that I would suggest if you just want to hear something different and unique but still pop.


King Myles is an emerging Milwaukee rapper that is really starting to catch the eye of people around the nation. His rhyme schemes are so smooth, and his ability to switch up his tempo and flow on a dime is really unique and special. His rapping style reminds me a lot of the East Coast story telling rappers like Fabolous or 50 Cent. ‘Vapors’ is such a chill and easy going track; the minimalistic jazzy instrumental really help you focus on King Myles rhymes, and his voice will lull you into a trance. This is one of the best smoking songs that I have heard; everything about the instrumental and rapping style on this song is so vibey. King Myles just dropped a music video for this track that is just as cool and trippy as the flow and style of the song is; the editing of the video fits the song so well. If you are into more chill and lyrical rapper, you definitely need to check Myles out. Check out the video for ‘Vapors’ below!


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