I know that I have been saying this every year for the last few years, but this has been a really great year for music! I love living in this era where music is so diverse and artists are not afraid to mix and match traditional sounds to basically create new genres. This week’s list is full of artists that love to push the boundary and make music that is not very similar to what was previously being made. One artist that is like that who I am not writing about in this piece that did release new music last week is Charli XCX. I will be reviewing that album on my channel later this week(it is excellent so you should go listen to that one now.) With all that being said, here is my list of songs i loved last week.


Rex has become an absolute master of mashing up genres to create new types of music that we have not really heard before. He combines traditional hip hop beats and vocal deliveries with very infectious folk pop melodies, and it is always so catchy. 10/10 is a prime example of this. It has a trap beat being provided by a bass drum and a rapid hi-hat, but the melody of the song is not something you would expect from a trap song. It is almost alternative jam-band sounding, and kind of reminds me of the Goo Goo Dolls or Hootie and the Blowfish. Obviously this does not seem like it would be a very good combination of styles, but this track is so organic and smooth. If you only actually listen to one song from the list this week, you should definitely make it this one.


‘Dork’ is the latest track by meme lord and rising hip hop star Sueco the Child. I really love the buzzing bass on this song. If you like loud and floor shaking trap music, this one is for you. The melody of this one definitely contrasts the buzzing beat of this track. It actually almost sounds similar to something Rex Orange County would make, but it is being made with a synth instead of an acoustic guitar, which makes it sound a lot more naturally hip hop. Sueco’s signature low and weird vocal style sounds great on this joint. This track feels like a really perfect college house party sort of track.


I recently got into slowthai after he was featured on the new Brockhampton album(which I reviewed a few weeks ago). He has a couple very good features on that album, and it definitely got me to look him up. He is actually supporting Brockhampton on their tour which is coming to Milwaukee, and I am totally planning on going. A song that I know is going to be fucking bonkers live is ‘Psycho,’ which features one of my favorite newer rappers Denzel Curry. The instrumental for this song has a super dark and distorted over a “melody” that sounds like the music they would play during murder scenes in 60s horror movies. It is very weird and awesome. Denzel and slowthai match each other’s crazy amount of energy very well. If you are into dark ass trap music, dont miss this one.


Noel Miller is a YouTube star who makes very funny comedy videos who also happens to have been a rapper when he was younger. He as his comedic partner Cody Ko have released a full mixtape under the guise Tiny Meat Gang, combining modern hip hop music with their hilarious comedy to make really funny and interesting songs. ‘Loophole’ is a song that Noel made in association with his recently YouTube series about a remake of the show The Bachelor with Mormons(which you can also watch on YouTube). ‘Loophole’ is about the Mormon term “derfing,” which is basically intensely dry humping someone instead of having pre-marital sex. Trust me guys, this song is hilarious and you need to listen. And the instrumental goes so damn hard as well. This is a great and cool track.


This track has one of the most awesome and unexpected collaborations that we have seen in a while. Who would have ever thought that we would get a Future Twigs song? FKA Twigs and Future actually have pretty awesome chemistry on this track. I love how Future slides into his verse so easily. I know most people definitely prefer his drug-filled party music, but I actually really like it when Future shows this emotional side. Imagine how awesome a Future record would be if it was just produced by FKA Twigs. Speaking of Twigs, as always her vocals on this song are so sweet and pretty. Her voice is almost hypnotic, man. The production is on this one is not necessarily as weird has she can get, but it is still so spacey and cloudy. We may not have asked for a Future Twigs collaboration, but we definitely needed it.


I love how much deep house music has been blowing up lately. This type of music really just makes me want to dance and party. The tempo of these kind of songs is so fun. ‘Ride It’ is not necessarily special in the grand scheme of house music, but the melody and vocals on this song are infectious. This is the only song on the list that does not really have any unique genre-bending qualities, but I had to include it because the song is just so good. One sort of funny fact about this track is that it is actually a remix to a Jay Sean song off of his debut album from like 8 years ago. It is kind of random that this one was chose by DJ Regard to remix, but I am not complaining about it at all. If you are into EDM, you need to check this one out. You can decide for yourself if this song is a sexual innuendo or if this song is just about dancing.


To close out this week’s post, I want to talk about a song by a trio of rappers that is known for their wacky vocal styles and flows. Lil Yachty, Danny Towers, and Ski Mask are all known for being weird, rapping in vocal tones that no one else does and embracing some of the stranger trap beats that you will hear. ‘How You Feel?’ is an absolute banger. The production from DJ Scheme and OMGRonnie is other worldly and heavy and loud, and the chemistry of these three rappers is incredible. All three of them sound as weird as ever, and this song is full of wacky flows and awesome bars. This song is just so fun. I would love to hear more music with this trio rapping together, because they bounce off of each other so cleanly.


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  1. Love the new ROC song!! Such a different vibe but still so unique to him – and definitely agree with Ride It, added it to my playlists straight away when I heard it! xx


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