Hey y’all!! Time for another favorite songs of the week list! This has become one of my favorite things that I do for this blog. If you know me, you know that I love suggesting music to people. All of my close friends are constantly getting suggestions from me. I hope those of y’all that I do not know personally enjoy this series too, because I really do love to put people on to new music. I have to admit that this list was a little bit more difficult to make this week. That is not because of a lack of great music coming out last week; in fact, last week was probably a top music week of the year for me. But because I do not want to put songs from albums I want to review on this list, I can not post some of my favorite tracks of the week. Unfortunately, y’all will not see any Post Malone, Earthgang, or IDK on this list; if you would like to hear my opinions on their new music, check out the reviews of each of their albums I will be putting out this week. There is not really a theme to the songs on the list this week. One commonality for the list though is almost every song is by a woman. Also, this week had songs made by four of my current favorite artists, which is cool. Kero Kero Bonito, Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, and Grimes just continue to kill it whenever they release any kind of art. I am so glad to be living during the same era as these geniuses. Anyway, here is my list of songs I was loving last week!


Rico Nasty has been one of my favorite rappers and artists since I got into her a few years ago. Every time she releases anything, I love it; she really has not missed a beat at all yet. Rico dropped her new single ‘Fashion Week’ in honor of New York Fashion Week being last week, where Rico was a star on the runway. This light-hearted and goofy joint is produced by Jetsonmade, who has become huge over the last year after producing some of Dababy’s biggest hits from his debut record. Lyrically, the song is silly and fun, with Rico using her Sugar Trap persona to sing-rap about all of her favorite clothes. This track is obviously not as deep or emotional as a lot of Rico’s other music, but this track is super fun and cute. I wouldn’t be mad if she made some more music like this for a while to keep it switched up.


Here is the other song on this list by a girl rapper. Man, female rappers really are killing it this year. I am so glad the game is getting this much needed diversity. I do not know if this one is on Young M.A.’s upcoming album(that I am definitely excited for) because it is listed online as a “bonus” track. Regardless, ‘Pettywap 2’ goes just as hard as the first one. I love how effortless her flow sounds; Young M.A. has one of the cleanest deliveries in rap music right now and she has bars for days. I hope people stop sleeping on her and she blows up again soon and stays at the top. Don’t miss this one if you are into rap because it is hard as fuck.


Man, I have been looking forward to new Grimes music for months. Every since she dropped the nu-metal banger ‘We Appreciate Power’ at the end of last year, she has been giving info little by little about her upcoming album. There is still no actual release date, but it is supposedly/hopefully supposed to come out by the end of the year. Her new album is supposed to be about a sort of fantasy post apocalyptic world and based around Mother Nature, and stylistically and lyrically it does fit the narrative of what the album is supposed to be (according to what she has said online in the last few months). There is definitely a double meaning to this track, though. It seems to also be about someone who keeps going back to an abusive and toxic relationship they know will never work out. Sonically, it is like the sweet futuristic alternative electro-pop that we heard from Grimes on Art Angels, but with a much harsher and sadder tone. I am so ready for Grimes’ new album.


Roy Blair has been relatively quiet over the last couple of years after releasing his 2017 album Cat Heaven. I have been looking forward to new music from the Brockhampton affiliate, and his new three part single ‘Graffiti’ does not disappoint in any way. ‘I Don’t Know About Him’ is probably the most normal-ish and accessible track from this release, as it is a bit avant-garde and weird. This track is very genre bending and cool, with the track having elements of alternative rock, hip hop, funk , and electronic music. I do not even know who I can compare him to. It is super poppy and fun though, and it I guarantee the melody will get you giving and dancing. Please trust me on this one and just check this song out because it is dope.


We have finally gotten to hear what is probably going to be one of the weirdest and genre-pushing songs from the new Charli XCX album Charli, which comes out this Friday. When I saw that Yaeji was featured on this track I knew it would be strange, because she has made some of the weirdest electronic music I have heard in the last few years. I really love the way Clairo and Charli switch off on this song; I think that Clairo’s voice sounds pretty awesome on this strange futuristic bubblegum techno instrumental. Second week in a row I have really like a song that she was on so maybe I should start listening to her now. Anyways, this song is strange and awesome and I am very excited for Charli because I am sure it will be great.


I do not know how I missed this song in August because I love Slayyyter. She has been a rising star in the world of bubblegum future bass music for the last couple of years. Her music is truly genre-bending and totally unique to her. ‘Cha Ching’ is a future bass rap song that is trippy as hell and reminds me of Poppy’s ‘Voicemail.’ This song is hard as hell, and makes me want to go to an underground rave party. If you are typically the music curator at parties or functions that you attend on the weekend with your pals, seriously throw this one on and watch everyone start raging. Slayyyter has a mixtape coming out soon that I will definitely be reviewing, so stay tuned for that.


I did not think it would be possible for us to go through a whole year without any new KKB music, and I am glad that I was right about this notion. They have been one of my favorite artists over the last couple of years, having made albums in 2017 and 2018 that were in my top five for favorites of the year. This track is a lot more similar to their music from a couple of years ago than it is to their album from last year. This track is a weird combination of pop, hip hop, and bubble gum future bass that only KKB has seemed to be able to perfect. The melody is very fun and head spinning, and Sarah’s voice and lyrics are hypnotic. This track has a much darker undertone than most of their other music made with this style in the past, and I kind of hope they continue to go in that direction.


Maya B is an up and coming neo-R&B artist that I think is going to be a star. Her song ‘Dollar to a Diamond,’ which came out earlier this year, is really dope and shows how much potential she has. Maya B’s sound reminds me a lot of FKA Twigs or M.I.A., but she has this pop sensibility that I think can help her blow up in the mainstream. ‘Getty Woah’ has that cool electronic neo-hip hop vibe that she seems to be into makig, but it also has a nice pop-trap flow that just is so vibey. The flow of the chorus kind of reminds me of ‘Hotline Bling,’ whereas the verses remind me of a trance or house EDM singer. I am very pumped to see what Maya does next, because she is so unique and talented. Don’t miss this awesome ass track!


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