Hey, ya’ll! Thought I would come back at you with another list of newer songs that I have really been feeling lately. I am thinking about making this a weekly series, so comment or let me know if you are into that idea. This week, all of the songs I will be talking about are hip hop, since there has been so much good new rap and hip hop music coming out this summer. I am really loving the surge of women in hip hop this year; all of the new woman rappers are bringing a unique perspective and level of diversity that the rap game has needed for a very long time. Two artists that I will not mention in this list even though I love a bunch of new songs by both of them are Young Thug and A$AP Ferg; I will be reviewing both of their new albums later this week, so check out those pieces to see my favorite songs from those records. Alright, with all of that being said, here is my list of songs I have really been digging in the last week! Let me know if you love any of these ones too!


This is a track I kept seeing this one particular E-Girl I follow keep making videos to this summer that I could never get out of my head. Eventually I just had to look it up because it is so God Damn catchy. ‘Summer in 06’ is a sweet auto-crooned trap ballad that reminds me a lot of Speaker Knockerz. I love how weird and distorted his voice gets in some portions of the track. I think that BigBabyGucci is going to be a household name by next year, so don’t miss out on this one so you can sound cool to your friends and know him before he is super popular.



The Queen Doja Cat is back with another banger that ended up getting her trending on twitter. This time is for the video she released for her excellent new single, ‘Juicy.’ which features Tyga. This song is the second hard ass banger of the year that Doja has released that I love. Previously this year, she released the incredible track ‘Tia Tamera,’ which features Rico Nasty, and is specifically about boobs. On ‘Juicy,’ Doja is making sure we notice another one of her great features, he big ass. If you like female led trap bangers, don’t miss this one because it is so fun and catchy.


24 – IDK

IDK is back with another hard as hell trap banger that is short and to the point. ‘24’ has these distorted ringing bells that almost remind me of a horror movie; it is pretty obvious that he is very influenced by Three 6 Mafia. IDK is so in your face on this song, yelling over the beat with so much aggression that it makes me want to punch a wall(in a good way). I love the energy that he has on this track, and I am excited to hear his upcoming project.


A lot on your plate – FATHER

Father has easily been one of my favorite rappers of the 2010s. Everything about his sound is just so different and unique. ‘A lot on your plate’ is just as weird and melodic as a lot of the stuff he released around 2015; Father must of heard the cries of all of his fans on twitter and decided to go back to those weird chime driven melodies that remind me a lot of lullabies. I am really excited if he continues to pursue this sound again. If you like songs like ‘Heartthrob,’ you will definitely be into this track.



Molly Brazy is an artist that I just found recently while listening to a radio station on Spotify focusing on Megan THEE Stallion. Thank you to Spotify for making this great suggestion. Molly Brazy reminds me of a combination of Dreezy and Rico Nasty; she has the sweet voice of a typical female auto crooner but has that aggressive nature that really sets her apart. The beat on this song goes so damn hard as well; ‘Stackin’’ is so in your face and grabs you attention immediately. If you love hard ass trap music, you will love this one.



Young MA goes so crazy on this song like usual. This woman has one of the most infectious flows in the game right now. She reminds me so much of classic NY rappers; she is so smooth over every beat and has a storytelling quality that is reminiscent of early 2000s New York. ‘BIG’ has a nice and smooth trap beat that is pretty low key, and really puts the focus on Young MA’s bars. If you are just a fan of clean and smooth no bullshit style rapping, do not miss this cut.



The last song on my list for this week is a hard ass guitar-led trap cut by one of my favorite new Milwaukee artist, Mayyh3m. I love the energy of this cut; it reminds me of a lot of early J. Cole or even Joey Bada$$. The instrumental is so cool and diverse, switching from being super low key and chill to going super hard on the chorus with this sick rock riff. Another up and coming Milwaukee rapper that I dig, King Myles, delivers a smooth verse on this one as well. Myles has a flow that reminds me a lot of Mac Miller, and it brings a nice level of smoothness to this chaotic instrumental. This is probably the most unique and cool song on this list, so do not miss it!



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