Today I feel the need to hit y’all with a list of some dope songs by riding Milwaukee artists. Milwaukee has so much good music that is so overlooked. As a community, it would be really cool in the future for us to support our own local art more in this city; I am trying to do my part by frequently writing about Milwaukee music. All right, the lecture is over. I really hope you check out the artists on this list! This list is so diverse! We have so many kinds of awesome music coming from this city! Y’all know I love great music, so just trust me on this one.


Auti Marie is easily one of the most lyrically talented rappers in Milwaukee right now. In a city where hip hop is mostly dominated by trap stars making some form of drill music, Auti Marie holds it down for the ladies, killing it on every song with her impeccable flows and introspective lyrics. ‘Like Mike’ is a song off of her new EP called Boss Bitch Magic. The instrumental gives me major early 2000s east coast vibes; I see major similarities to music by Jay Z or Jadakiss. Her flow reminds me a lot of Lauryn Hill on this song, which is probably why I dig it so much. All in all, ‘Like Mike’ is just an excellent track.


YBN Kenny definitely knows how crazy he is going on this track. Now why he is doing it? That’s because he goes crazy on every track. I don’t think YBN Kenny is affiliated with the YBN hip hop collective, but he definitely raps as hard as they do. His flow on this joint reminds me a bit of E-40 or Blueface. Sonically, it is a pretty typical Milwaukee drill song. But Kenny’s flow and lyrical creativity really shine and make this cut pop. Definitely, a great doing to listen to while pregaming for reckless shenanigans.


Every good music fan’s favorite Latino sisters are back with another chill bop. I honestly can not think of a song by REYNA that I don’t like. They have really nailed their niche of cute early 2010s era poppy alt-rock. ‘The Way I Loved You’ has given the girls a lot of good publicity this summer; multiple large music publications have done write-ups on this song, and it has been featured in top Spotify playlists as well. The sound of this song gives me major Phoenix or Neon Trees vibes. This would be such a perfect kickback or burn cruise song.


Kaylee Crossfire is another dope female rapper that makes music that is hard and fun as hell. I have been bumping this track every day since I first heard it. The instrumental is so fun and danceable; I could definitely see this one being a club banger. The melody sounds like something you would hear in a lot of new trap music, but the beat is so retro and sounds like a boom-bap song from the 90s. Kaylee’s flow is so energetic on this cut and it makes the song so fun. I really recommend this song if you’re making a party playlist.


‘Coinstar Song’ is as tongue in cheek as the title would suggest. Juiceboxxx has created this strange brand of folky punk rap that’s totally unique. It’s almost like a fusion of the Violent Femmes or La Dispute with your favorite lyrics rapper and Green Day. I can’t think of anyone making music these days in a similar way. Juiceboxxx grew up loving all the great hip hop and punk/emo rock in the 2000s and decided to just mash these sounds up into a ball. ‘Coinstar Song’ is so rad and different. This is definitely one of my favorite songs at the moment.


I could really see this song randomly blowing up one day soon. It has such a perfect sound. You could really say that Ian Goku goes Super Sayan in this cut. Ok, sorry for that bullshit, but I seriously really dig this track. Ian Goku kind of sounds like a sick hybrid of Juice Wrld and Future. He sounds like if you mashed up their voices and styles into one. You don’t even have to listen to that collaborative album between those two artists if you listen to Ian Goku! If you are into new age melodic trap, please check out this banger.


‘Lifetime’ is also a song I could see randomly blowing up online one day soon. It’s a super smooth melodic trap joint that is just somber and laid back enough to be a perfect kick backtrack. I love the multitude of flows Mayyh3m uses on this song. Half the time he’s rapping in smooth couplets and triplets, and half the time he’s spitting super fast in a manner similar to Kendrick Lamar. Most auto-crooner rappers do not rap with super fast flows, and it definitely makes this track stand out. If you’re into people like YNW Melly or Juice Wrld, don’t miss this track.


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