Even if you haven’t heard the name Sueco the Child, I bet you have heard his viral smash hit called ‘Fast.’ Sueco has taken the underground hip hop world by storm this year; his wittiness and comedy and reminiscent of Ugly God or Schoolboy Q, but sonically he compares more to 03 Greedo or other newer gangsta rap West Coast rappers. He also likes to sing-rap, stating that The Weeknd is one of his biggest influences. Sueco just has a very different look and swag about him; it’s the type of vibe everyone wants to follow and see because they are interested in what he will do next. His look and style have a bit of a viral quality similar to Soulja Boi and Post Malone, and his talented should easily to and to back up this kind of attention. I believe Sueco the Child is one of the next artists up, and in a year from now, he will be a household name.

Sueco grew up in Los Angeles, to parents who were church musicians. This early exposure to music and growing up in LA ended up having a major influence on Sueco. When he was a teenager, he learned how to play the drums from the video game Rock Band. This led to him dropping out of high school and joining a local screamo band. Unfortunately, that endeavor did not work out, and Sueco found himself unemployed and living in his dad’s basement. He needed to find a way to make music, so he started making beats and selling them online. He also started making his own original music at this time as well, gaining some traction on Soundcloud with meme songs like ‘I Like Grape Soda.’ Around the same time, his social media presence started to grow as well, with people following him for his memes and weird comedy videos. All of this led to 2019 becoming his break out year, with a little help from the app Tik Tok, of course.

As I said, 2019 was the year that the world started to notice the genius that is Sueco the Child. His Instagram page had started to blow up, and his music was gaining popularity on Soundcloud as well. The release of his viral smash ‘Fast’ was the catalyst for Sueco into stardom. A week after it was put on Soundcloud, a friend of his put it on TikTok, and within a couple of weeks, it was one of the top songs to make videos to on the app. ‘Fast’ straddles the line of meme rap and “serious” rap so seriously; the song sort of feels like a joke but he could also be very serious. The instrumental is a sick neo-West Coast joint with a bit of trap flavor. It reminds me of something the Shoreline Mafia or 03 Greedo would do. It is a sound that comes straight from the streets. Lyrically, as he talks about trapping, his comedy shines through, with his wittiness being so fresh it’s tough to tell if he is serious at all. I love this bar from the chorus: “I don’t like to brag. Vetement socks when I’m stepping put of Sak’s…… Free my bro from the can I ant talking Whippits. Bitch, I make beats and bad decisions.”

The success Sueco realized from ‘Fast’ and his Instagram blowing up around the same time led to him getting signed to Atlantic Records earlier this summer(following a bidding war between all of the major labels). Sueco is one of a few artists that have gotten signed from blowing up off of TikTok in the last couple of years; Lil Nas X and Bazzi are other artists that have seen major success from this app. I love the fact that artists are blowing up off of this app; Tik Tok has created a cool medium for artists to promote their own music and for people to discover sounds they may not typically dig. I personally am excited to see what new sounds blow up on Tik Tok yet; I hope the genres of songs that blow up on this app increasingly get stranger.

So what can we expect from Sueco now that he became a viral meme star and got his deal? Well since signing, Sueco has released a funny and dope music video for ‘Fast, ‘ as well as a new song called ‘Fishscale.’ This cut is a low key trap joint with a dark and dreamy melody and features Sueco singing in a manner that reminds me of Post Malone. Once again, Sueco’s comedic ability shines through, and it is tough to tell when he is serious or joking. Hopefully, this single is the lead up to some sort of album or EP, because I’m fiending for more music from this kid. With his ability to switch it up sonically in do many different ways and ability to write funny and unique lyrics, I think this guy is going to go far.

Sueco the Child is the latest meme artist to blow up on Tik Tok in 2019. Similar to Lil Nas X, I definitely think Sueco has enough star power and uniqueness about him to be relevant for a long time. I am very excited to see how his debut EP turns out! If you want to listen to his music, hit the Spotify link below!


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