Hey y’all!! Back at you with another little piece about some songs I have been feeling the last week or so. These songs aren’t necessarily “old” but they are not new either. Hopefully, this little list brings back some rad memories for you or creates some rad memories for you! Comment below if you love any of these tracks or any similar ones from the same artists/eras! I’d love to hear what y’all love!


For some reason, I seem to love the remixes of a lot of Yacht songs than the originals. Another great remix of a Yacht song is ‘Second Summer'(RAC mix). ‘Psychic City’ is one of those random tracks you wouldn’t be able to name that you probably would recognize and jam to if you heard it on the radio. If you are a big fan of the game Grand Theft Auto V, you definitely have heard this song many times because the pop radio station plays it frequently. This is such a nice and chill summer electro-pop bop. It’s a perfect song to play at a party to get everyone moving; it has this infectious rhythm that makes it pretty difficult to stand still when you hear it. It is also pretty difficult to not sing along to the super catchy chorus(es):

Come on over, over. Come on over, over. Come on over. We’re having a party for you!




I have always thought this song is totally ahead of its time. As popular as it was back when it came out, imagine how big a song like this would be today. Lyrically, it talks about wanting and needing money and power, which is definitely a very common topic in music today. Sonically, this track has an electro r&b vibe I could see someone like Tinashe rocking to, or possibly Normani(or Fifth Harmony as a full group). On ‘Glamorous, ‘ Fergie sings about how she now has what we all want:

Flying first class, up in the sky in a jet plane; living my life in the fast lane!



Jeez, that title was way too long, haha. This track by Bebe Rexha is the first song I ever heard by her. In fact, I think this may be her first(or at least one of her first) song as a solo artist. This remix from Otto Knows is pretty much a sped up and bass filled version of the original, and I love this transformation of the song because it gives it more of a party tone. The sentiment that Bebe is singing about, drinking to forget an ex, is one that most of us can relate to. I love the Swedish House feel this song has; it makes the song so danceable and hype. This is the perfect song to get messed up to before you go out after a break-up. This bar from the chorus is so damn relatable:

So pour a shot in my glass and I’ll forget forever. So pour a shot in my glass cuz it makes everything better.



This one might be the least well-known song on this list; it’s totally a classic “Joe where’d you hear this/what’s this song called?” joint. ‘Breathe’ is a song by Euro-dance music artist Telepopmusik that came out in the mid-2000s. I think this song was way ahead of its time as well. The beeping sounds in the melody remind of some of the glitch EDM that was really popular on college radio stations a few years ago. It has a sweet dance-pop vibe I can see Grimes or Poppy drawing inspiration from. Definitely check this one out because it’s the best sleeper on this list. The chorus of this song is so calming:

Just breathe. Just believe. Just breathe. Another day lying in my bed, staring at the ceiling…



People who have known me well for a long time should know this is one of my all time favorites. I have been consistently playing this song when I’m handed the aux for as long as I can remember. This cut is the perfect amount of cheesy; usually, you would not think a weird remix to a lovey-dovey ballad style rock song would work at all, but boy oh boy it works so well in this case. I love the Euro-Dance vibe of this song. This style of repetitive and melodic EDM(it reminds me of a super pop-infused and pretty version of 90s techno) was so underutilized, and some of my favorite electronic songs from this era have a similar vibe. Because the original was so popular as well, I feel like everyone knows this chorus for sure:

Baby you’re all that I want, when I’m lying here in your arms. Isn’t it hard to believe we’re in Heaven?



This track by Robert Delong is the one that put him on the map in the alternative EDM world. It is a super vibey and danceable song with a lot of worldly influences; it is pretty difficult to categorize this song with one style or genre. It’s kind of a fusion of African tribal music with synth pop and house music. I love the live drums in this song; any EDM cut with live drums being played will always win my heart over because it sounds so cool. The sentiment of the song is cool too; the song is basically about letting go and not doubting yourself. We just have to do what makes up happy. The chorus describes how he is feeling in a very concise manner:

Did I make money? Was I proud? Did I play my songs too loud? Did I leave my life to chance? Or did I make you fucking dance?



The last song I want to cover in this piece is a timeless bop by Jennifer Lopez. J Lo. dropped this song way back in 2001, and it was the first track she ever really made with an electronic music feel. Now, most of her music is pretty electronic, so I guess this song was a pivotal moment. I love the Afro-Caribbean drums in this song. Where else will you hear an EDM song with conga drums and bongos? The only other ones I can think of are those cheesy Diplo songs like ‘Lean On.’ I guess this classic song has inspired Diplo! It is tough to deny how fun and catchy this one is:

Waiting for tonight, for you to be here in my arms. Waiting for tonight. I’ve dreamt of this love for so long.



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