Since everyone knows that I have the best music taste, I thought I would start a series about some albums I think are very underrated from the last couple of years. The first underrated album I would like to cover is Awful Swim, by Atlanta-made underground trap star Father. If you have been following this blog at all, you should probably know how much I like Father and the all of the Awful Records current and former members. Awful Swim was Father’s first record released with the help of a major label, RCA Records, through his collaborations with the network Adult Swim. Awful Swim is a dope extension of the weird dark experimental trap that Father has continued to produce throughout his career, with the production getting cleaner and tighter and his lyricism as witty as it has ever been. For some reason this record went sort of under the radar last year; Father had been building traction up until 2016, but took two years to create this record and unfortunately saw his star fade a bit. He is still very popular in the underground trap community, but as I have said before I think that his following should extend past that. For me personally, as long as Father keeps producing music like this, I will still be a huge fan.

The record starts out with a couple very strange trap bangers, with hypnotic and uncomfortable melodies and extreme amounts of bass. The second song on the record ‘ Boosie Fade,’ is such a weird and trippy cut that sounds like it was made by someone on a combination of lean and acid. It is definitely a highlight of the record and sets the tone early of what this record is going to be like. As always, Father is very tongue in cheek and funny with his lyricism; i love this line in the second verse: “They hoped I’d die, overdose on that liter. One less lonely n****a like I’m Bieber. I ain’t Bieber, bitch. Ain’t have to get my clout from being a bitch.” Jeez, tell us how you really feel, Father. ‘ We Had a Deal’ was easily one of my most played songs at the end of last year. The instrumental is buzzy and full of deep distorted bass, and Father raps about what he is going to do now that someone broke his trust. I really love the second half of the chorus, dude, it is just infectious: “You keep talking to my bitch, boy, you might have to get knocked. Everybody on my payroll, yea your n****as and the cops. So don’t try to call 12, they might shoot you on the spot. They gon’ send you back to hell if you keep playing with my knots.” On the song ‘Thotnite,’ Father returns to one of his strange trippy melodies, with the distorted bells sounding like church bells of wind chimes. I do not really know how this song is not a club banger around the country, because everyone would enjoy to turning up on the dance floor while yelling “Thotnite! Thotnite! Thotnite! Thotnite!”

Another cut from this record that I still bump regularly is ‘On One,’ which features one of my favorites, Rico Nasty. This one has one of those weird nursery style melodies that Father loves to rap on; it really does sound just as cute as it does creepy. It is a perfect instrumental for a collaborations between these two, and their charisma and energy oozes all over this track. The other track on Awful Swim that has an up and coming female star is ‘Lotto,’ which features ABRA. The instrumental for this cut is very intense and dark, with buzzing bass and a melody that sounds like it could come out of a horror movie. On the hook, Abra raps about the damage the are going to do at the poker table, rapping; ” Pull up to the ‘sino and I’m sitting on Coladas. War crimes at the table, we just hit the lotto.”

These are not the only great songs on this record. Other songs that I would definitely recommend are “Throw It,” “Killa,” and “Dragons.” There is not really a song on the record that I do not like. I hope that this album sees a resurgence in popularity or Father gets the hype back that he got from “Look at Wrist” because his music is just too good and unique. If you are looking for a banging trap album with witty lyricism and very non-typical instrumentals, please give Awful Swim a listen!


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