Hey guys! Hope you all are having a lovely beginning to your week! Since I get a lot of people asking me for new songs to look up, I thought I would start a little segment where once in a while I talk about a few new songs I am into! If y’all know me, you know that I listen to literally all kinds of music, so hopefully, there’s something for everyone! Let me know what your favorite songs are right now in the comments!


Everyone’s favorite white trap-crooner is back with the somber trap ballad ‘Goodbyes.’ I really enjoy when Post Malone makes music in this melancholy style. It shows a different side to him than what most what expect. The raspiness of Malone’s voice on this cut adds a lot to the emotion of the song. I really dig the Young Thug verse as well!! His strange vocal fluctuations that he adds brings a weird and experimental diversity to the track and keeps it from getting monotonous and boring. The pre-chorus on this one is so damn infectious:

I want you out of my head. I want you out of my bed tonight. There’s no way I can save you because I need to be saved too….



‘Meat’ is my favorite song on Choke, the new EP by internet cult leader Poppy. I posted a review for this EP yesterday; it is so good y’all really need to check it out. ‘Meat’ follows the creepy industrial techno style of a lot of this EP; It is more synthy and melodic than the other songs on this EP in this style, probably making it the most “mainstream.” I love this sonic approach from Poppy because her music his starting to truly line up with the strange and unsettling nature of her character. Lyrically, this may be the scariest and weirdest on the EP, with Poppy comparing herself to a pig in a slaughterhouse being used for meat.

There’s meat, there’s meat on me. Wrap me up in cellophane. Labeled “organic”, label me grade A. My tendon is cut between your teeth. There’s meat, there’s meat on me.



After releasing one of the best albums of 2018, El Mal Querer, La Rosalìa has been absolutely killing it in 2019. Earlier in the year, Rosalìa released two songs that had more of a Latin/Reggaeton vibe, and the world wondered if she should make a whole record this year in that style. But Rosalìa went back to her typical weird flamenco art-pop with her two-part single released last week, ‘Fucking Money Man.’ ‘Milionària’ is the first part of the single, and is the first song Rosalìa has made in her native Catalàn language. Rosalìa sings of wanting fast cars, designer clothes, and anything else fancy on this cut. Most of the melody is provided by Rosalìa’s excellent vocals, with the only instruments being a basic and cheerful piano riff over some awkward and twitchy drums. On the chorus, she beautifully sings

Només vull veure bitllets de cent. Fucking money, man. Signe del dollar dintre la ment. Fucking money, man.



I find it funny that I have written long articles on both artists featured in this song but not the main artist. That will change soon; expect a piece on Brooke Candy in the near future. ‘XXXTC’ is as aggressive and hyper-sexual as most of Brooke’s content usually is; this song is not for the faint of heart. The instrumental is very basic and gritty sounding; it reminds me of something Pharrell would have made for Clipse or Snoop Dogg in the early 2000s. I think Maliibu Miitch and Brooke Candy need to make so much more music together because their voices and flows match up and sound very well together. I love this line from Charli’s verse because thinking about an orange Tesla makes me laugh(that would be so strange looking):

It’s Charli baby, yeah. When I go hard, know I go crazy, uh. Rolls Royce got me messed up, double drop with the orange Tesla.



This humdinger by Artist to watch Bree Runway is one of my favorite songs right now. I have to do a full piece about Bree as well because she is destined for stardom. ‘Big Racks’ is a light-hearted cut about her trying to get money…. what else would it be about? Singing on sweet and melodic trap instrumental, Bree really shows her vocal prowess on this cut. Her style of pop-trap is what is in right now and I can’t see her staying unknown for long. She’s too good. I love this line from the first verse:

Don’t get me upset. Look at my drip say (Yeah). Wanna get close? Wanna be my migo like Offset? Talk to me good, talk to me nice. So good the vibe, boy, gimme life.
I can’t give a damn what you feelin’ like



Oliver Heldens has been a leading name in the world of deep house music for a while now. I’ve been digging this jam all summer; it’s a great kickback or cookout type joint. ‘Summer Lover’ features legendary guitarist Nile Rodgers, who kills it like he always does. To me, this almost feels like an electro-funk track than a deep house song. The riff that Rodgers provides reminds me of some of his phenomenal contributions to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories(particularly ‘Get Lucky’). Regardless of how it is classified, I know for a fact this is a certified bop. The chorus of this track provides its sentiment better than I can:

Summer lover, why don’t you stay? Summer lover, don’t go away. Distant thunder calling your name. Summer lover
Why don’t you stay?



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