No matter what happens in my life, there is one thing I know that I can expect. Every six months, there will be another Gucci Mane album. Honestly, I do not think more there has been a year since he was in prison where Gucci Mane did not release at least two albums. Gucci Mane is extremely consistent; like Future, he has found the formula of what works for him and perfected it. Is it a bad thing to be too excellent at only one thing? As far as making money is concerned, it definitely is not. Gucci Mane knows what his audience wants and consistently gives it to them. There is nothing about Delusions of Grandeur that makes it very different or unique; apart from a few R&B infused cuts, this album is pretty much what anyone would expect from the Gucci man. At 18 songs, it is full of typical hard-hitting trap bangers, almost so much so that it feels a bit redundant. Regardless, there are quite a few jams I know I will be playing all summer long, so I really can’t complain about it.

As I stated, although there are quite a few typical Gucci Mane trap cuts, there a few bangers that I definitely love. The first of these is the second track on the album, “Backwards,” which features Meek Mill. The instrumental has more of an old school trap feel, like something Rick Ross would have rapped on in the past; it was loud, ringing horns and is very hype. The track starts out with Gucci Mane rapping the phrase “Gucci Man” over and over again, much like Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang.” I love the energy that Meek Mill brings, and I think these two work very well off of each other. I wish they would make a full album together. “ICE,” featuring Gunna and Lil Baby, is about exactly what you would expect from a song by this trio, but for what it is worth it is still a very good cut. One of the more popular songs on the album is “Love Through the Computer,” which features Justin Bieber. This cut is a highlight for sure. The instrumental reminds me of something Fabolous or Pras or other R&B influenced rappers from the late 90s. Justin Bieber provides a sweet hook, and Gucci Mane flows very smoothly on this jam. I wish Gucci Mane would go in this direction more often, too be honest.

Speaking of going in a different direction, the next track has a different instrumental than the typical trap we usually get from him as well. “Proud of U” is produced by Kenny Beats, who I have been talking about a lot recently. I really do need to do a whole piece on him too. The beat is stripped back and hard-hitting, with a distorted violin melody and weird samples in the background that just make it sound trippy. This song is Gucci Mane’s ode to himself, reflecting on how far he has really come in his life. It is my favorite song on the album. Another cut that has more of an R&B feel to it is “Blind,” featuring A Boogie. This song kind of has that New York R&B feel that A Boogie used on his album Hoodie SZN which came out last year. Once again, I am into this tone for the Gucci Mane.

“Potential” is a track that has that typical Gucci Mane trap feel that I love because it is just done so well. It features Lil Uzi Vert and Young Dolph, who both bring a very welcome energy to the track. Once again, all of these rappers work off of each other very well. This song really makes me want that new Lil Uzi Vert album to come out, man. That dude is so good. The last track on this album that I really love is “Us,” which is also produced by Kenny Beats. This song features a super hard and distorted trap beat that is very different from Gucci Mane’s usual smoother sound, and I love how the beat brings a different entertainment from Gucci. It is almost as if the instrumental is pushing him to rap with more intensity and hype than normal. A full Gucci Mane album produced by Kenny would be dope.

With Delusions of Grandeur, Gucci Mane gives us another one if his quality bi-yearly trap projects. For the most part, the Gucci Man just does what he is good at, and although some may think this is redundant, there is no reason for him to stop. His formula works, and he is the best at it. I did appreciate the songs where he went in a different direction for him and would love to hear more R&B or distorted trap from him in the future. That probably won’t happen though because he really is not that kind of artist. That is cool, I am glad I can depend on Gucci Mane being Gucci Mane. If you want to check out Delusions of Grandeur, click the Spotify link below.



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