Alright kiddos, it is time to get nostalgic again. This one is for all y’all out there that still embrace your emo roots. Saturday’s are for sad boys, so let’s get in the feels. Here are some emo rock jams I still love to this day. Now don’t get me wrong, these are not the only emo songs I still enjoy; these are songs I definitely have on rotation way too frequently to this day. I’ll provide YouTube links so you can jam out when done reading.


The first track I have in this emo list is “You’re So Last Summer.” I also could have chosen “MakeDamnSure” by Taking Back Sunday, because that’s another classic, but idk man I still love this one to this day. “You’re So Last Summer” is one of many emo ballads that have long and strange names having nothing to do with the lyrics, on the surface at least. It came out in 2002, and has a typical somber punk rock riff that is frequent in emo rock from this time period, with a slow and melodic tempo to the track. Lead singer Adam Lazarra has one of the iconic voices in emo rock, and this song is a great example of that nasally and constipated sound we love as emo rock fans. Lyrically this song is very depressing. One of my favorite lines is: “The truth is you could slit my throat, and with my one last gasping breath I’d apologize for bleeding on your shoe.” How emo is that? Lol Jesus. What a jam.

4EVER – The Veronicas

Once again, I picked a track that is probably not most people’s first choice when thinking of The Veronicas. This is probably going to be a theme in this piece lol. Most people would choose “Unouched,” which is for sure the biggest song by The Veronicas, but honestly “4EVER” is way more emo in my opinion and just better. Fight me. One of the best things about this track is actually the music video. It is the most 2005 thing you will ever watch in the best way. From the constant use of a Polaroid camera, their very dark outfits, and the lipstick writing all over the mirror, this video feels like it was literally made for MySpace(which it probably was). I love the fast paced emo punk riff on this one. The Veronicas have such perfect voices for this kind of track, wailing on the chorus: “Come on baby we ain’t gonna live forever,
let me show you all the things that we could do. You know I want to be together, and I want to spend the night with you!” It is so perfectly pop punk, and I still love this song because it reminds me of being 12. “4EVER” will forever be my favorite by The Veronicas, I don’t care man.

The Great Escape – Boys Like Girls

My next track for us to reminisce about is this classic by Boys Like Girls, These pop rock two hit wonders (the other hit being “LoveDrunk”) burst onto the scene right at the height of emo popularity in 2005. “The Great Escape” propelled them to the top of the alternative charts before they were even signed. This cut is about as classic as an emo pop rock song will sound. The iconic chorus “Throw it away, forget yesterday. We’ll make the great escape. We won’t hear a word they say. They don’t know us anyway” is bound to get stuck in any 20-something’s head for the whole day when the hear it these days. It’s just so sticky man.

Check Yes, Juliet – We The Kings

“Check Yes, Juliet” is probably my favorite of the super cheesy emo pop rock that stemmed from emo punk. This cut came out in 2008, and was the first major hit from We The Kings. It came along right near the end of emo rock sounding more punk and the beginning of it becoming pop, and tows that line very well. One embarrassing fact about this song is I watched this music video so many times that the lead singer is one of the main reasons I grew out by hair. I thought he was so dope haha. Now that I’m writing about this, I guarantee the line “Run, baby run, don’t ever look back. They’ll tear us apart if we give them the chance” is going to be stuck in my head all day. Also, I’m pretty sure this song is just about sneaking out as a teen to hang with your boyfriend, which is cool. It seems more dramatic but yea the “they” being referred to is just the girl in the video’s strict parents. How emo is that?

This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” – Fall Out Boy

Once again, your boy went with a track most people probably wouldn’t have picked. There are multiple songs by Fall Out Boy most people would choose before “This Ain’t a Scene, ” like “Sugar, We’re Going Down, ” for instance. But “This Ain’t a Scene” is just their most punk sounding song to me and I love it. I love the changes of pace in this song between the pre chorus and chorus. Also, the symbolism in the lyrics of this song is awesome! The first line in this one really sets the tone: “I am an arms dealer. Fitting you with weapons in the form of words.” Apparently this song is about them rejecting the “scene” label typically given to them, but this song is angsty and scene as hell, so that backfired I guess. Still a great song though.

That’s What You Get – Paramore

It is honestly pretty tough for me to pick just one Paramore song. I mean, I’ve seen them live three times and and they were definitely one of my favorite artists growing up. “That’s What You Get” is one of many Paramore songs I still have on rotation very frequently. I love the opening riff of this song; it’s just so hard and punk rock. Lyrically, this one is emo as shit too. I mean the chorus literally goes “That’s what you get when you let your heart win.” I try to think a little more positive these days, but once in a while 15 year old emo Joe steps in with an “I told you so,” and proceeds to throw this song on repeat. Out of all these songs, I guarantee you this one will be stuck in my head all day now because I’m thinking about it. It’s too catchy, man.

Cemetery Drive – My Chemical Romance

Alright now we’re finally down MCR to close this article out. I really love the way this song starts, with the drums playing before any of the other instruments. It’s an awesome build up to the chorus which is hard and punk rock as hell. I don’t really know how Gerard Way could write a song like this and not think his band was emo. I mean this is literally the first line: “This night walk the dead, in a solitary style and crash the cemetery gates, in the dress your husband hates.” I don’t know man that sounds pretty emo to me. However it gets classified, this is just a great song. I’m always wishing for new MCR material, but at least we have the classics like this one.

The Sharpest Lives – MCR

What, did y’all really think I was going to do one MCR song? Nah son we don’t play like that here. The Sharpest Lives is definitely one of my favorites off of The Black Parade. I can’t really pick a favorite, but this is in the top three for sure. This song has so many good lyrics, like this one from the first verse: “If it looks like I’m laughing, I’m really just asking to leave it alone. You’re in time for the show. You’re the one that I need, I’m the one that you loathe.” Once again, Gerard, how is this not emo? My other favorite lyric is this one from the chorus: “A light to burn all the empires, so bright the sun is afraid to rise and be in love with these vampires, so you can leave like the sane, abandon me.” The imagery in the lyricism of this track is incredible.



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