Ya’ll have really got to start paying attention to the queen Tommy Genesis. Tommy is another one of the many female rappers that have taken hip hop by storm in the last couple of years. She hails from Vancouver, Canada, and is of Swedish and Tamil descent. Tommy has taken a unique approach to the music she produces; her lyrical themes tend to be super hypersexual, sort of reminding me of the 2 Live Crew. A lot of people like to say all female rappers mainly rap about sex(which is not really true but whatever), but Tommy’s approach to these topics is a lot more dominant and cocky than you typically see when females tackle these topics in hip hop. Tommy knows that she is in charge, and everyone who does not like that can hit the road. She has been making major waves the last two years with her hits “Tommy” and “100 Bad,” and is poised to become one of the biggest female faces in hip hop in the coming years. From her eccentric persona to her intense lyrics, Tommy is seriously very strange, and I truly believe she will be a household name very soon.

Tommy Genesis hails from Vancouver, Canada, and has always wanted to be some sort of artist. While she was in art and design school, she started to rap for fun and putting it online. After graduating, she was the singer in a few local punk and emo bands, before deciding to really pursue rap. She burst onto the scene in 2015 with her mixtape World Vision. This tape has since been considered an underground classic. The music on this mixtape is highly experimental and sexual. It is pretty uncommon for a woman to rap about sex in the way she does. One of the highlights of this tape, in my opinion, is “Shepherd,” where Tommy’s hypnotic flow glides seamlessly over a deep and odd distorted trap beat. Tommy’s obnoxiously confident and sexual lyrics are very prominent on this track, with her beginning the second verse with the awesome line: “All ‘dem sheep that follow, follow through with commitment. Got a young pretty homie asking you for submission.” I love how dominant Tommy sounds on this song. Another great track from this mixtape that took underground by storm is “Execute.” This song has another hard and intense trap beat with some sick guitar riffs mixed in. “Execute” has so many lyrics that are phenomenal, like this one from the chorus: “Pray to the God, I fall down, pray to the cash, it all falls down. I am just executing my vision.” I also love this bar from the bridge of the song: “You see there’s leaders and there’s masters, and I’d rather be a snake than a ladder.” It was this mixtape that got Tommy Genesis labeled as a fetish rapper. With her debut full-length album released in 2018, she wanted to prove she was more than a one trick pony, and incorporated a softer side into the record, singing as much as she raps on it.

Tommy got 2018 off to a bang with the song “Lucky.” This song is totally different from anything she had previously released sonically. “Lucky” is a country hip hop jam with Tommy sing-rapping on the track rather than using her usual commanding flow. Tommy is singing about her and the guy she’s with ignoring problems they are having with each other, with her crooning “I pretend I don’t see you texting, and you pretend you don’t see me wilding.” This song is an interesting departure from her usual distorted trap sound. Another song in which Tommy goes in a different route from her signature experimental trap sound is “Naughty.” This song features Empress Of, and has the Latin neo-R&B vibe that Empress Of usually goes for in her music. Tommy is in her feelings on this song, and it is not nearly as hard-hitting as most of her songs lyrically. Tommy did not completely abandon her signature sound last year, because my favorite song off of her debut album, Tommy Genesis, uses this experimental formula she loves. “100 Bad” has a hard as hell trap beat and features Tommy exhibiting that her fetish rap all over the track. Her flow is very infectious on this one. At the end of last year, Charli XCX remixed “100 Bad” and dropped a hard ass, sexual ass verse on it as well.

Tommy is very in control with everything about all of her art. She is totally involved with the visuals in her music videos and uses them to push the boundaries and shock the music world. One video where she does this to the max is “100 Bad.” All of her outfits and dancing in the video is overtly sexual. She literally is sitting in a tub full of tampons for the majority of this video, which is definitely not something o had previously seen. It is so rad how she loves to make such unconventional art and force people to accept weirdness. I hope she continues to push the limit of what is acceptable in rap.

In just a few short years, Tommy Genesis has become a force in the underground rap world. From her weird aesthetic to her risqué visuals and from her intense lyrics to her trippy and distorted instrumentals, Tommy is pushing boundaries with her art in a way typically not done by female hip hop artists. This queen is just getting started, so get ready for her takeover in the coming years. To listen to her music, click the Spotify link below!

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