To be honest, this album was not really on my radar to check out this week. In fact, I did not even know it was coming out. 100 gecs is a group made up of producers Dylan Brady and Laura Les. I had heard of 100 gecs before, and dug their self titled project in 2017, but had kind of forgotten about them. Shout out to my buddy Grant to putting me on this record, because, wow, dude, I really enjoy it. 1000 gecs is really unlike anything I have heard. The closest thing to it is probably Sophie or other artists a part of the PC Music collective. But this record pushes that high pitched and strange bubblegum bass sound to a whole new level, with weird genre bending combinations. It is an interesting and crazy mash up of hip hop, rock, metal, dubstep, country and edm music all sugarcoated into trippy bubblegum bass.

The album starts out with the banger “745 sticky, ” an emo trap cut with vocals that sound like a Barbie remix of a Basshunter song. These strange vocals are probably the only constant thing about this album. Laura brags about all the money they are getting all over the track; the lyrics are very cocky and confident. Towards the end of the song, there is a crazy distorted heaven trap instrumental break, leading into some heavy and hard thrashing dubstep. Weird instrumental breaks at the end of the track are a common theme for this record. The next track is “money machine,” country rap song with that signature weird bubblegummy and Barbie-like sound. The lyrics are pretty confrontational, with them going off about all the things they can do to their opposition. This one has a really catchy hook: “feels so clean like a money machine,” that is definitely going to get stuck in your head. The next song is called “800db cloud.” Sticking to the bubblegum Barbie vibe, this song is more emo pop rock than anything. It sounds like something Fall Out Boy would have made in 2004. At the end of the song, the instrumental divulges into really heavy and sludgy death metal. I am curious if this was a sample or one of them can scream like that.

After a weird interlude with a hodgepodge of types of edm mashed together back to back, we get my favorite track on the record, “stupid horse.” This is literally a ska song about a horse, and is probably my favorite song of the year so far. The next great track on the record is “ringtone.” This track has a nice bubblegum electro pop instrumental, and is a sweet song about Laura’s man having his own ringtone in her phone. The chorus of this song “My boy’s got his own ringtone, it’s the only one I know” has been stuck in my head for two days to be honest. After another strange interlude, we get the banger “hand crushed by a mallet.” This is a strange emo heaven trap track and is definitely one of the hardest ones on the record.

1000 gecs is definitely a record you do not want to miss, especially if you love experimental electronic music. It is as about as innovative and unique as anything you will hear this year. The mash up of genres is a really cool and interesting take on the bubblegum bass movement that is on the rise right now. I’m very excited to see what 100 gecs does in the future. Check out the album with the Spotify link below!




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