Save Me is the latest EP from Atlanta trap artist, Future. Future has grown into an absolute superstar since the early 2010s, having been one of the main artists to push Hip Hop into the mainstream. Future excels at making melodic trap music with pop sensibility that is revered by all music lovers. In recent years, Future has released EP’s on a whim, with not much of a warning before he puts out new music. He has become so popular he can release music whenever he wants without building up to it. Save Me is latest of projects released by the star seemingly out of nowhere. This EP sticks to Future’s signature melodic trap sound, but takes on a very strange and emotional tone in some portions. He really seems to being laying his heart out on this EP even more than usual, and goes in a strange R&B direction for a few songs on the project. There is some very, very strange auto tuned portions on this EP to go along with the interesting R&B sound, as well a couple trap bangers that are pretty similar to what we expect from Future.

The EP starts out with the track “XanaX Damage,” a song reminiscent of Future’s successful HNDRXX record. The lyrical content sets the tone for this whole project. It features Future singing about woman he only contents when he’s at his lowest point, crooning “I only call you when I’m faded. Your arms around me, come and save me.” This song has a very strange and futuristic trap instrumental, and Future’s voice is distorted through auto tune in a much more intense way than usual. It’s a crazy way the set the tone. The third song on this EP, “Please Tell Me,” is the most classic style Future song on the record, and will probably be the biggest club hit of this project. This banger has a flute reminiscent of “Mask Off” leading the instrumental, with weird banging distorted bass. Future is singing to the woman of the night, asking her to tell him that he can buy her what she wants. This seems like a pretty good deal to me, I wish someone would make me that offer to be honest. Following “Please Tell Me,” we get the song “Shotgun,” which is a step in a bit of a strange direction for Future. This one has a pretty piano instrumental, almost reminiscent of stripped back R&B, with a distorted trap beat to go along with this riff. This one features Future crooning with some weird and distorted auto tune, giving it almost a futuristic sound.

The next song on the record is “Government Official,” another trap banger with a weird and distorted instrumental. The piano riff is very distorted which makes it sort of dark and creepy. This one showcases the cocky, confident Future we love, with him bragging about his assets all over the track. The last two songs on this EP have a more low key on down trodden feel. The first is “Extra,” where Future is singing about how he feels like he has gotten so big that his friends feel like they are for hire. This is a feeling that I can imagine honestly sucks about being as famous as he is. The final song of the EP is “Love Thy Enemies,” another slow melodic trap cut reminiscent of HNDRXX. This instrumental honestly sort of sounds like something The Weeknd would sing on. This song reveals a very vulnerable side of Future. He is singing to someone who broke his heart, asking her what he’s supposed to be now. It is an interesting song coming from him because he usually doesn’t show this side of him.

Save Me is a short EP that shows a little bit of everything that makes Future the artist that he is. It has a few bangers that feel like typical Future club hits, and a few songs with distorted melodic R&B instrumentals that show a softer and more vulnerable side of the man. I appreciate the fact he wanted to take risks with this project, but they didn’t all stick with me personally. There are still enough typical Future hits on the EP to make it an enjoyable experience overall. Listen to it through the Spotify linked below!



Photo cred. – https://www.thefader.com/2019/06/06/future-save-me-ep-tracklist


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