I first met the legend that is Yung Chuck in 2014, when I was living in the dorms at Carroll University. He lived two doors down from me, and had this dope green spiky dinosaur backpack that I hope he still has. Chuck immediately became a staple on campus, his vibrant personality and humor affecting everyone he interacted with. My neighbor, Chuck, and I developed a reputation pretty quickly among the resident assistants, and we would have to leave the dorms to do anything fun because they would hover around our doors(probably justified). Yung Chuck moved left the school after only one semester, but he left an impression on so many people. I always believed he would end up being internet famous because his personality is perfect for it. Cut to last year, when I first started noticed he was making music. I really dug his sound because it is just so different; he switches genres from song to song, in fact mashing genres together in some songs. Hey, without people pushing the boundaries of what music is supposed to sound like, we would never find new ways to make music. What if the Beatles had never pushed their boundaries to make Sgt Peppers? Yung Chuck could be the new Beatles, we don’t know right now(do not @ me).Yung Chuck’s Instagram page is just as eccentric and exciting as his music. He regularly posts photos of different characters he creates, crossing the line between, man, female, and thing, in a comical and really great way. He often creates story lines you can follow with this characters as well, making following him a fun experience. I strongly encourage everyone to follow his Instagram, you will not be disappointed at all. I firmly believe Yung Chuck is on his way to being a star, whether it is with his music or with his Instagram, or both, and I am excited for it.

Yung Chuck really knows how to excel on social media. Back when I had Facebook, I remember his page being one of the best I followed. With all of the negativity and bullshit all over that site, his content was a breath of fresh air. From funny memes to funny videos to positive messages, he always has something great to post. After I stopped using Facebook, I was glad he to see he kept up the great content on Instagram. His Instagram page is even better than his Facebook ever was. I love the fact he creates his own memes and content and jokes, and everything he posts is so original. I really do not think you are going to find a page very similar to his on the app, and I mean that in the best possible way. Chuck has a slew of characters he has created, all with unique stories that get added on to. Some of my favorite recent characters are in this article. Currently, Chuck is hosting a bracket tournament of his best characters on his Instagram story, and I promise it is worth checking out. Oh yeah, and Chuck also make cooking tutorials! So if you follow him you may get lucky and catch one on his story one day.

As for Yung Chuck’s music, the dude is just as creative and interesting as his Instagram feed. He tends to switch genre from song to song, but each project still does have a theme. He has only been putting out music for about the last year and a half, but already has seven projects to his name, which you can find on his Spotify linked below. Chuck’s music is very avante garde, sometimes switching styles or genres right in the middle of the song. His transitions in these songs is very organic though, so it does not sound like multiple songs in one song. Chuck is a great mixer, and his excellent choices in samples make his sound very unique.  I think my favorite Chuck project so far is Employees Only. One of of my favorites off this tape is “A New Start(A Love Forever). This song has a nice lowkey trap beat with funky horns that come in that come in and out of the instrumental, and features Chuck’s smooth flow on the beat. Another song I dig “Getting Old and Fat.” This track has a bunch of old r&b, funk, and soul samples interwoven through out the track, with the tempo changing constantly. It is cool and different.

When I asked Yung Chuck about how he started doing what he is doing, he told me that he has always wanted to make art, specifically music. He was too scared to make any music or try to start a band growing up, because he thought he was not good enough. This is crazy to me, because I have always known him to be so confident. He said he took a music production class in college, and was pretty good at it. He thought it was fun, and remixed a few songs, and made one original, but just got too caught up in life and stopped making any art. After finishing college, he was working everyday and just bored, so he decided to start making watercolor paintings. This craving he always had to make art burst at this point, and he decided to just go for it and make all forms of art, such as photography, comedy(through his characters), and painting and music. He told me he has always loved all kinds of music, and is really inspired by everything he sees and hears. He also told me that anime is a big inspiration for him. Yung Chuck told me his biggest goal right now is to make enough money off of any of his art forms to make a living. He ultimately does want to be paid for his music though since this really is his passion. Another one of his bigger goals is to be the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania, a sentiment I think we all could get behind. With the amount of creativity Chuck has, I would not put that feat past him.

Yung Chuck is an interesting and creative artist in many mediums that is taking a refreshing approach to what he does. From his funny and interesting Instagram to his avant garde music, Chuck really is not doing it like anyone else. If you are into weird and dope in the best way, no need to look any further. If you want to check out his Spotify or Instagram, they are linked below.


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