Gwapo Chapo is one of the top rappers coming out of Milwaukee right now, having been featured in Pitchfork, the Shepherd Express, and other publications. Gwapo Chapo resembles the the reality of the hood of Milwaukee in his music. His raw sound and personality resemble the grit of the city. Chapo is at the forefront of a revamped drill movement coming out of Milwaukee right now, with beats reminding me of Young Chop and flows reminiscent of Durk or Fredo back when they were first coming up. Being in high school when drill music was at its peak, this revival in Milwaukee has been very refreshing for me. I’m excited to see how Gwapo Chapo grows as an artist, for his vibrant flows and personality will only continue to get better as he ascends into Stardom. Chapo is one of the many upcoming rappers I believe will put Milwaukee on the map in a big way soon in the world of hip hop.

Gwapo Chapo is from the Atkinson Avenue hood around 10th street, one of the worst areas of the city. He symbolizes what it’s like to be from Milwaukee in a lot of his songs; just watch the video for his track “Make it out” and you will see what I mean. Chapo has been a leading force in the Milwaukee rap scene the last couple years, putting out mixtape after mixtape on SoundCloud and YouTube. Fortunately, you can find a good chunk of his music on Spotify and Apple Music, including his new tape, Get a Bag or Die Tryin’. Along with his own music, his collaborations with other Milwaukee rappers, like Looney Babie, have started to put Milwaukee out there again in hip hop. The sky is the limit for Gwapo Chapo, and he is a great representative of the Milwaukee drill sound.

Gwapo Chapo has swagger and confidence of a true trap star. He sounds like the guy to don’t want to be messing with. His voice has a distinct similarity to old Gucci Mane, (who he has stated is one of his favorite rappers) and honestly he has a somewhat similar look to old Guwop as well; his voice is so raspy and deep it really commands the mic. Gwapo Chapo has been putting out music online for the last few years, having many mixtapes to his name at this point. One of his biggest songs to come out so far, “Dragon Ballz,” has been featured in Pitchfork magazine. On this track, he spits over a smooth trap beat, using Dragon Ball Z analogies to explain his love for weed and money. Another one of his biggest tracks is “All Racks,” off the mixtape Splash Bros, a collaboration with Looney Babey, another up and coming Milwaukee rapper. This song has another smooth fast trap beat, and this song is highlighted by Chapo’s hot flow. Another highlight, off of his newest album Keep on Eatin’, is “Sound Good.” This one has a dope drill instrumental with a piano riff that kind of sounds like the song that comes on in Naruto when the bad guy is kicking ass. Chapo is as smooth with the flow on this one as always, talking about how hard he is and he’s not cool with posers, with him rapping on the hook, “yeah that shit sound good but he don’t do that.” Hell yeah Chapo call out them fakes. Another song I would recommend is “Neva Eva,” off of Get a Bag or Die Tryin’. This song features another Milwaukee rapper is popping off, Lil Chicken. This song has a little more of a softer party drill beat, with the two rappers go off about people they never want to see again, from jackers to exes. The last song I want to recommend is “Cartier.” This song features another hard drill beat, with Chapo boasting all over the track about his nice assets. This is another track where he demonstrates his excellent, silky flow, and is one of my favorites by him so far.

As Gwapo Chapo continues to get bigger as an artist, he will be able to put focus on the great hip hop coming out of Milwaukee right now. Chapo is a driving force behind this developing rap scene, putting our mixtape after mixtape highlighting the distinct Milwaukee drill sound. His witty wordplay and and smooth flows are reminiscent of old Gucci Mane, and his demeanor on the mic dictates to everyone that he is the star in the room. I’m excited to see what Gwapo Chapo does next, and it will be fun to see how he and other great Milwaukee rappers coming up push our hip hop into the mainstream like it deserves. If you’re interesting in listening to Gwapo Chapo, his Spotify is linked below!



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