Denzel Curry is usually known for creating multiple characters in his music, laying out all of his emotions in the characters he makes up. In the past, Denzel has made hip hop operas of sorts, creating elaborate stories told through his albums. On ZUU, we see Mr. Curry taking a break from making concept records to make a fun, banger-filled trap record that is perfect for the summer. ZUU may not be as complex as we are used to seeing from Denzel, but what it lacks in analyzable content it more than makes up for with fun and energy.

“M’s on my belt, I’m feeling like I’m Majin Buu.” The first line from the song ZUU off of Denzel’s Curry’s ZUU kind of sets the tone for this whole album. Denzel’s tongue in cheek, witty lyrics, and love for Dragonball Z dominate the lyrics on this record. Denzel is very cocky throughout this whole tracklist, constantly rapping about his come up and the wealth he has acquired, comparing it to the situation he grew up in. One of my favorite bars off of this first track is “Slim said I’m a thug, that’s the hate you gave me,” referencing legendary Miami Emcee Slim Thug as well as Tupac’s classic THUG LIFE. One of the only songs on the album that doesn’t have a trap instrumental is Wish, featuring Kiddo Marv. This song features production from Charlie Heat, and has more of a Latin r&b vibe to the beat, a nice diversion from the intensity of most of the album. This song features both rappers spitting about how growing up has influenced who they are and what they want. Another highlight that goes in a different direction than most of the trap flavored production is Shake 88, featuring production from FnZ and featuring Sam Sneak. This track is billed as a strip club anthem, and I agree with this whole heartedly; it has a retro beat reminiscent of the 2 Live Crew, and features both rappers spitting about a woman who knows how to get the bag. The album end with a track that sounds like Denzel off of Imperial, with a hard hitting trap beat and Denzel scream-rapping all over the track, called P. A.T. This cut also features another Miami rapper, PlaythatboiZay, Zay brings the same out of this world energy Denzel does, and is a perfect edition to this track.

Although ZUU doesn’t feature the elaborate concepts we are used to seeing from Denzel, he makes up for with fun trap beats and summer bangers. ZUU is the perfect album to just throw on with the top down, cruising the streets smoking with your buddies, or play at a typical summer kick back with your 14 boys and one friend’s girlfriend. However you want to listen, it is definitely a great listen all the way through, and I recommend it to any hip hop fans.




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