I have loved everything about GGOOLLDD’s sound, overall style and presence since I first heard them. I have randomly played their music at parties or really whenever I get access to the aux, and people always ask me who it is because they love the sound as well. The energy and positivity of GGOOLLDD is so palpable and infectious that it puts me in a great mood whenever I am listening to their music. Their live performances, from their energy to their outfits, are just as eclectic and exciting as their music. They didn’t even mean to be a band; they formed on a whim for fun one day, and this careless and DIY mentality is a driving force in who they are as a band. GGOOLLDD’s origin story is just as fun and cool as their performance energy and sound as a band, and I highly recommend them who is into retro glittery happy glam rock.

GGOOLLDD isn’t really typical in any way. Most musicians have had it as a goal their whole lives to make it as a musician, whether they commit to it from a young age or work other jobs until they make enough money off of the music they create. Most good or popular artists don’t form for fun just because they like music and are friends, but this is exactly what GGOOLLDD did. One day in 2013 they decided to just record a song they made for fun in the living room of Margaret Butler, their free spirited and extremely energetic lead singer. They decided to throw it on Bandcamp, picking the name GGOOLLDD because there are like ten other bands named Gold. Surprisingly, a few days later it was picked up by college radio stations, and became a top ten college radio single in the country. When this happened, they decided for fun to make a few more original songs and learn some covers, and throw a huge Halloween party, still not necessarily knowing they would commit to being a full time band. The success of this party gave them the opportunity to start playing other shows, and the success from these shows made them decide to commit to doing music full time. They have been on the rise ever since!

GGOOLLDD has a very energetic and retro sound that is unique. Personally, I would say their sound reminds me most of the Talking Heads(one of my favorite bands), and the B-52’s. They personally have said one of their biggest influences is Queen. Whoever they remind you of, I guarantee you will be in a good mood after hearing their music. Their music is very uplifting and fun loving, and in a era of music about being addicted to drugs and being depressed, this is such a refreshing sound to hear. One of my favorite songs is “All Night,” which came out in 2015. This song is a really cool blend of indie synth rock from the 2010’s and 80’s pop rock, with Butler singing about wanting to party with a significant other all night. Another song I love is their latest single, called “Success.” This song directly reminds me of the B-52’s, but has a modern synth sound that is definitely relatable to today’s indie rock.

I’ve seen GGOOLLDD at live venues around the city a couple times over the last couple years, and it is always such a great time seeing them perform. Their sets on their stages are always bright and exciting with flamingo cut outs or other glittery and fun items that match their essence. The energy of the band is so high that it’s impossible to not have fun. Lead singer Margaret Butler, although she does have a great voice, considers herself more of a performer than a musician, and I see where she’s coming from because her vibe captures everyone’s attention and she’s really fun to watch. She commands the stage like the 80’s rock stars she is inspired by. Their next performance is on June 14 at the Lyric Room in Green Bay, and if you live up there I highly recommend going to the show! You won’t regret it.

GGOOLLDD is one of many exciting acts from Milwaukee right now. Their carefree and energetic sound is enough to put anyone in a good mood. They way they embrace old school glam pop rock is really refreshing in an age of sadder music. If you want to check them out, their Spotify is linked below!

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