God dude I don’t even know where to start with Atmosphere. They are definitely my favorite underground artist, and their music has meant so much to be over the years and reminds me of really great times. Their music is so genuine and relatable, especially if you’re from the Midwest. They wear their city, Minneapolis, on their sleeves, and have done a lot for the hip hop community in the Midwest. Atmosphere started making music in the 90’s, and have produced their music through their own label, Rhymsayers Entertainment. The duo is made up of rapper Slug, and producer Ant. They are truly an inspiration for anyone who wants to make music and not go in the corporate direction. The instrumentals that they makes are really unique and special as well; I mean, where else are u going to hear anything that sounds like a theremin in popular music?? Nowhere, that’s where, because it’s weird as hell. But it’s awesome in the song “Sunshine.” Sunshine is a really uplifting and chill song about being super hungover and going on a bike ride during a nice day and seeing how beautiful the world is. I like to listen to it on the way to work on the bus early in the morning, because it puts me in a good mood. “Puppets” has a real jazzy soul vibe, and is a song about talking to a guy at a bar who is a good artist and complains that he’s just unlucky, but he really does too many drugs. Another song I love is “Reflections,” which also has a jazz rap vibe, and is about meeting a girl that he loves because she is like him, which is damn narcissistic man. But this song has one of my all time favorite bars: “You look like you were built for me, you talk like you want to steal my drink. You kiss like you already came and that’s a Lifter Puller line for those without any game.”(Lifter Puller is a punk band from Minneapolis.) Aaaaaaannnnnnd another song I love is “To All My Friends.” This one has a chill country rock guitar riff and is very laid back, and it’s honestly inspiration to anyone who wants to pursue art or make money in an unconventional way. It’s about the story of Slug realizing growing up that he was different, and he wanted to create art and rap, so that’s what he did. The last song of their many I could talk about all day is “Always Coming Back Home to Me.” This cut is actually two full three minutes songs in one. The first is about Slug telling stories about living in his hometown Minneapolis, and has a very 90’s style stripped back instrumental. The second one is a ballad about loving and supporting where you are from, and Slug shouts out a bunch of cities in the Midwest in the end of it. This song is super fun for me to see live, which I’ve done many times, because he shouts out Milwaukee, where I’m from. They have been around for a long ass time and still being so much energy every time they perform. Atmosphere is definitely one of the artists I most recommend to people; I’m always trying to play them when I have the aux and telling people to check them out. If you’re interesting in checking out their Spotify, it is linked below!


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