Reyna is made up of Vic and Gab Banuelos, Mexican American sisters from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. got turned on to Reyna a few years ago, in a local newspaper that was highlighting Milwaukee acts. I got hooked as soon as I listened to them; they have this style and sound they really highlights the glossy and upbeat synth pop of the 80’s, like Cyndi Lauper and Belinda Carlisle, while also meshing with the alternative synth pop artists of the early 2010’s like Phoenix or Tegan and Sara. They have a very laid back lyrical tone while also having a focus on empowerment. They like to keep the theme and aesthetic of their sound, style, and roots grounded to their Mexican influence. They also like to represent PRIDE and LBGTQ awareness in their music, as Gab is gay. Reyna has been on the rise for a while, having opened for acts like Kesha and CHVRCHES, as well as performing at big festivals, like Milwaukee’s own Summerfest. They also headlined Milwaukee’s PRIDE FEST last year. Reyna has such a familiar but unique vibe that anyone that loves synth pop or alternative music will love. One song I would suggest is “Cool With It.” The chill synths in this song remind me of going on a long summer drive. Another song I would suggest is “Heartbeat.” This song has a very warm sound, and the funkiness reminds me of early 80’s pop music. I really do believe Reyna is going to blow up soon because they tow the line between retro sounds and newer popular synth pop sounds that are both popular right now. Don’t miss out because I’m telling you now they will be big! You’ll be able to look cool to your friends by knowing Reyna before them! If you want to listen to any their music, check their Spotify link below!



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