For the first post in this series about artists I love that are really pushing the boundaries with their music, I would like to talk about Kero Kero Bonito. KKB is a band from London, and is comprised Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled doing most of the instrumentals, with Sarah Bonito(or Sarah Midori Perry) as the vocalist of the group. I don’t even know what genre you would put KKB in; I guess technically they are considered alternative indie pop maybe? Like I said, they are not easy to classify. The first time I listened to them, it was a suggested song in a radio playlist based on the band CHVRCHES, who, at least originally, KKB had a similar-ish vibe to I guess sort of. But KKB pushes the weird factor into another stratosphere. That first song I heard from them was “Flamingo,” a very bubblegummy synth pop track with a hard hip hop beat, which features Sarah rapping in Japanese and English. This song is nothing like most people on the Western side of the world has heard, and is definitely influenced by J-Pop and Japanese Trip-Hop. Their first album, Bonito Generation, follows this edm trip hop bubblegum synth vibe, with Sarah rapping on a lot of the songs in Japanese and singing in English. My favorite songs and ones I would suggest from this record are “Trampoline” and “Graduation.” Both of these are bangers with dope uplifting messages. With their next album, “Time n Place,” one of my favorite albums of 2018, they did a complete 180 degree turn with their sound, while adopting an even more avant- garde and honestly creepy aesthetic to their online content and music videos. The song “Only Acting,” which music video features Sarah seemingly going crazy in a mental hospital, has a laid back pop punk vibe, with a weird instrumental break in the middle of the song that consists of static noise and screaming. It’s creepy as hell and rad. The rest of this album keeps that inwardly dark but outwardly positive tone in the lyrics, and sticks to a pop punk/indie rock vibe, completely different from any of their older music. They completely nail this sound though, and “Time n Place” really is a masterpiece. “Swimming” and “Flyway” are both chill indie rock tunes that would get anyone jamming out; they are just so warm and sticky. Kero Kero Bonito is definitely going to keep becoming bigger stars as they make more music, for their talent is undeniable. Don’t be late to the party and check our music on their Spotify down below!


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