Four female rappers you need to listen to (yall motherfuckers need to stop sleepin’)


If you have not heard of Rico, you must be living under a fuckin rock, because she has been making serious waves in the last year and a half or so. Hailing from the DMV area, Rico’s music is as brash and tough as the environment she grew up in. She originally made waves with her trap banger “Key Lime OG,” and Rico has been progressing as an artist into more of a trap metal space since then. The intensity of songs like “Rage” and “Smack a Bitch” is something that we have never really seen before in a female rapper; she is really paving her own way and making her own unique sound that matches her seemingly wild personality. She just dropped a hit record called “Anger Management” with producer Kenny Beats, one of my personal favorite records of the year. Her confidence permeates through her music so much that is bound to give you energy and motivation to complete any task, whether it is smackin a bitch or rolling a j. Just be careful if you listen to her on the city bus and stop yourself from yelling “NONE OF THE BITCHES COLD AS ME!” (From the song “Cold off Anger Management) so you don’t get a ton of dirty looks. Unless you’re into making a scene I don’t know you’re prerogative. Check out a link to her Spotify to hear this album and all her other music below.


Megan is another artist that was really been popping off lately, and if you are hip hop head and don’t know her you probably are really buried under those rocks. She originally got big from a series of freestyles she has put out in the last couple years while still in college. Megan hails from Houston, and the Dirty South smooth vibe she has really keeps her sound grounded to her roots in Texas. She is also very influenced by Three 6 Mafia, which is very evident by her flows and the fact some of her production sounds like it’s from Memphis. In fact, on her new album “Fever,” Juicy J provides production on a few tracks, as well as a feature on the banger “Simon Says.” Almost everything Meg puts out is a banger; her music has such a party and strip club vibe that would get anyone moving and grooving. Her smash “Big Ole Freak” has been starting to get popular, and if you want a taste of her sound check out this cut. Her confidence and sexual energy permeates like Trick Daddy or Fabolous or even 2 Live Crew. Check out a link to her Spotify to hear her new album “Fever” and all her other music below.


Lil Simz is a little bit more of a low key artist that the last two, but she is definitely just as great. She actually has been putting out music since 2010, long before Megan or Rico, but she is really starting to blow up now after endorsements by Kendrick Lamar or the Gorillaz. Her style is kind of similar to Kendrick’s style on “To Pimp a Butterfly.” She blends incredible and complex lyrics and rhyme schemes with these very off the cusp and wild jazzy instrumentals. Although her flow compares well to another great female up and coming artist, Noname, Simz’s instrumentals and overall style of rapping is a lot more chaotic and not subdued like Noname’s sound. A lot of her instrumentals are definitely based in experimental and free form jazz, and it makes for a exciting listening experience. Plus, she has bars for days man. I would suggest the songs “Offence” and “Pressure” to introduce you to the vibe she gives with her music. Find a link to her Spotify page below.


The last artist y’all need to be put on to us Flo Milli. She may not have nearly as much music out there as the last few artists, but she is definitely on the rise just as quickly. She originally started getting traction on SoundCloud with her song “White Girl Mialast year, which kind of has a stripped down but hype trap beat, with Flo’s swag and confidence flowing all over the track. She recently has started gaining traction with her single “Not Friendly,” and her banger “Beef-Flo Mix” which has been going viral. She raps with a similar style and intensity to Rico, and when she says “you don’t want beef with me” I really think you should listen because she seems savage. Flo has not put out much yet, but her sound is so hype and fun I know she will keep blowing up as the year goes on. Check out a link to her Spotify below.


Rico’s Spotify

Megan’s Spotify

Lil Simz’s Spotify

Flo Milli’s Spotify


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